Why try at life?
No one gets out alive.
What's the point of even putting in effort?
It won't be remembered.
Who's going to care in two hundred years?
Oh please, like it's going to effect my future generations that much.

"Ten years from now, it won't matter."
I don't care about ten years from now; I'm alive right here right now and God dammit it matters to me!
"You're giving up your freedoms if you accept drugs or alcohol and give into peer pressure."
Um, YOU are making the choice – that would be exercising your freedom, not giving it up.
"Suicide is not the answer."
It can't be the answer if there was never a question.
"Go above and beyond."
If everyone goes above and beyond, then we're all still at the same level.
"Be your own person and make your own decisions."
I thought making your own decisions was giving up your freedoms, you paradox fucking idiots.

No matter what, someone's going to be dissatisfied.
Do what you want.
Be who you want.
Smoke all the weed you want, for all I care.
Just don't bother me with your problems.