You may not know this, but there's a limit to how many times you can fall down the stairs without repercussions. You fall down a few times, don't break any bones, and you think, "hey, I may be clumsy but at least I got me some strong ass bones." Well guess what, even with your adamantium covered bones you can't expect to come out of every tumble unscathed. Okay… that might be a bit of a cryptic way to start. Let's try something more standard. It was a bright and sunny October morning. Nothing extraordinary. You know, it was fall. It started with me waking up in the AM hours without the assistance of a blaring alarm. I should have known that the stars were aligning or something if I was up before noon. It took me a minute to remember that 8:30 happened in the morning too. I rolled out of bed, hit the showers, and did all the things that a real adult "should" do. I threw on some dark blue jeans and a gray tank top even though it was probably too cold for that. I ate a piece of toast, checked my email, and even brushed my teeth all before noon. I felt like a goddamn adult for once. Satisfied with my productive morning, I grabbed my skull cap and started out the door. That's when it happened. I caught a glance in the mirror and the pure horror that was supposed to be my hair. It looked like a black Pomeranian got struck by lightning… 8 times. "Jesus Christ," I mutter to myself and ran my ass back up to the bathroom to fix that atrocity. No one in the world should have to see that. No one.

I plugged in my straightening iron and waited for it to heat up. How I managed to not see my reflection, let alone feel the heat trapped in that nest, during this whole morning was the real mystery here. My flat iron gave me the green light to tackle the beast upon my head, and I poised myself for battle. You see, I have naturally curly, long very dark brown almost black hair that goes down to about my waist. And being a child of mixed descent it could not be tamed by any product known to man, only heat. After about 45 minutes of battling, I finally calmed my locks and prayed to the hair gods that they would stay that way. I glanced at my phone for the time and saw it was 11:30. I sighed. And my productive morning went as fast as it came. I grabbed my laptop bag, put my hat back on, and stepped out into the world.

Not knowing my plan for the day, I strolled around my neighborhood and enjoyed the autumn scenery for a while. Fall was always beautiful where I lived, pretty colors, crunching leave, the whole shebang. Meandering got boring real quick so I decided to go to my best friend's, Sage, bakery. The trip was only five minutes from where I was so it was the best place to go. Plus, my weakness is cookies in general, and her cookies were damn good. The door chimed as I casually walked into the bakery.

"Hi Maya!" Sage called from the kitchen in the back.

"Hey." I plopped down on the lounge chair and whipped out my laptop. As it turned on Sage walked over and brought a cookie along with her.

She handed it to me and crossed her arms, "You know… I'm starting to think you only like me for my cookies…"

I stopped munching and looked at her, "Then why was I friends with you before you announced you could cook?"

"True." She smiled.

"… the cookies are a plus though." I added. Sage glared at me before sighing.

"I'm going back to the kitchen, Skank." I gave her a thumbs up as she left and reclined in my chair.

After a couple hours, I was thoroughly frustrated with trying to work on my website and needed to take a break to reset my creative zen. (A.K.A surf facebook and pinterest) I found it so easy to design websites for my clients, but the minute I had to design something to represent myself I hit a creative block. Nothing was ever good enough. I went back into the kitchen and asked Sage if she wanted to go for a walk with me. She happily obliged, seeing as the bakery was slow that day, and told her manager to watch the place. We eventually found ourselves in a little park about a mile away from her bakery in an area I had never been to before. Out of flippin' no where comes a cat darting out in front of us and then leaps down a set of stone stairs nestled in some bushes. I ran over to the stairs and looked down to see if the cat was okay. That thing had some serious speed and, cat or not, that jump had to hurt. I must have miscalculated my own speed because my ass was the next thing flying down those stairs.

"Hey!" Sage shouted as she attempted to clench the back of my jacket. Sadly, she must have lost her footing too because I was in a world of hurt a second later. With a pain filled groan, I rolled myself onto my back and looked over to Sage who was on her back staring at the sky.

"You alright?" I groaned.

"Yeah… nothing feels broken." Sage sat up and felt around for her glasses. Her green polo was covered in dirt and grass stains and her curly black hair had partially fell out of her bun. She picked up her glasses, cleaned them with her shirt, and placed them back on her face.

"Well… that was interesting… let's go back up those stairs…" I stared at the spot, which I knew, with out a doubt, the stairs were.

"Hold the fuck on… where the fuck are those stairs?!" Sage gestured to the stairs, looked to me, and then back at where the stairs were supposed to be. Just when I was trying to grasp the fact that the stairs weren't there anymore, a loud guttural growl came from behind us.

"The hell was that?!" I screamed and scurried forward towards Sage. I looked to her face and saw in her reflection the manifestation of the devil himself. I whipped my head to look behind me to see what could only be described as a monster. It was like big foot, a cyclops, and a dinosaur had an orgy on Friday the 13th, and then this thing burst out of one of their stomachs like in Alien. Sage and I stared for a second. A good long second too. Really taking it in. Then, as creatures that are fearing for their very existence do, we sprinted with everything we got. It's amazing how fast you can run when pure fear is coursing through you veins. Every step that monster took shook the earth, and our very souls, to the core. But, Clusterfuck big foot seemed to be falling behind and just as the going got good… the going got worse. He jumped right in front of us, causing us to come to a halt.

"Shit." Was all both of us could think of. I quickly dropped to a fetal position, and Sage laid down and pretended to be dead. That' right Kiddos, that's how we were going to died. Like little bitches.

Expecting the blow to come we closed our eyes and braced ourselves. Much to our relief… and disgust… the beast dropped right in front of us, blood oozing from his head. I covered my mouth, trying to keep down the barf, and Sage got up and whispered quietly under her breath, "Dude…" The sound of a gun being holstered crossed through our ears. We both looked to our left and saw our lord and savior.

"Thank… thank you!" Sage screamed out with a mix of fear and relief in her voice. This man, the man we owed our life to, starting walking towards us with saying a word. Sage and I stood up, holding on to one another to stable ourselves. My legs were still shaking.

The man advanced further and my mind went completely blank. This man was hot. Scary, but hot. He had pitch-black pants and a black, silk, button up shirt. His hair was a very dark brown, long, and tied into a loose ponytail. He came closer still, with this dark (read: sexy) look in his eyes, causing us to back up into a tree. His focus seemed to be all on Sage and when he got about two feet away he leaned a tad bit too close to her for her comfort, even I was shivering. It seemed as if he was sniffing her. He looked at her freaked out face and placed a hand on her chin, then started examining her.

"Hey buddy. Get the fuck away from my friend!" I said slapping his hand away from her face. He may have saved our inept asses, but that doesn't mean he gets to get all touchy feely. His focus shifted toward me and my stomach sank. "Look," I stammered, "thanks for saving us but don't think we owe you something like that." At that moment, he pushed me into the tree and held my hands above my head.

"Get off me!" I started struggling and he sounded like he growled. If I didn't pee before we had left on this journey, you better believe I would have been pissing myself.

"Aw hell naw!" Sage screamed, and attempted to push him away. He glanced at her and didn't even flinch at her useless attempts to move him. She tried throwing a punch to the face but he dodged back and pushed her down with his free hand.

"Adrian… come restrain this girl she is getting on my nerves." The guy called out and, from what seemed like nowhere, out popped another dude. He was about as tall as the man grabbing my hands and had bright red hair that seemed to be gelled in some manner. He had vivid green eyes, and little freckles spread around his face. I studied his face as fast as I could in case I had to report this shit to the police. If, you know, I survived this whole ordeal. The ginger quickly grabbed Sage and held her arms behind her so she couldn't move. That made my life so much harder. Guy numero uno leaned into me and started sniffing. Like a mother fucking dog.

"What are you? Some kind of freaky pervert?" Sage called trying to get away from the guy number 2, apparently named Adrian. Guy number one ignored her and looked me over.

"They're humans," he told Adrian.

"How did they get here?" Adrian asked back.

"I'm not sure." I turned my head away and closed my eyes. He pressed his nose against my neck and breathed in my scent. He used his free hand to start lifting up my shirt. I struggled violently and attempted to kick him. Yet, all he did in response was lick my neck.

"What the hell are you doing to her?!" Sage screamed, panicked. That's how you know you got a good friend. I peaked open my eyes and saw that Adrian had turned Sage around and had his back to us. I couldn't help but smile just a little because she had dropped all her weight on him and didn't put up a struggle. He had to move her himself. I know what you're thinking. You're about to get raped and you're smiling?! But, it was a really funny sight, I promise. The guy that was assaulting me caught my smile and took his hand out my shirt. He grabbed my chin and made look him in the eye while wearing a smirk on his stupid face. I tried to pull back but his grip was firm. He pressed his lips against me and I stood still, with my eyes wide. He moved his hand up my shirt and placed it on my breast. I squeaked in the kiss and started fighting against him. He pinched my nipple slightly causing me to squeak again. He broke the kiss and went to my ear. He licked the length of it and bit the lope gently. He moved his hand down to my stomach and slipped into my pants. I tried to kick him but somehow he pinned my legs with his. I felt his hand slip into my crotch, and I knew I was aroused. A pink blush over came my cheeks as he looked into my eyes with an eyebrow raised.

"Are you enjoying this?" He asked in his raspy voice. I looked to the side and he removed his hand from my crotch. "It's decided. You'll be my mate." I quickly turned to him with my eyes wide open.

"Ha! What the hell did you just say?!" He moved his free hand to my lower back, and released my hands.

"You will bear my child." At that moment I came to a conclusion, the man was crazy. And I was sure that this would end in one of us killing each other. No man was putting a baby into me. No man.

"No I won't." I said point blankly.

He smiled deviously, "You have no choice my 'mate'." Ending there he draped me over my shoulder and started walking.

"What about this girl?" Adrian called.

"You can bring her." I heard Sage yip and I presumed he had just picked her up. Adrian walked up to us with Sage slung over his shoulder and then the two guys sprinted to an unknown destination.

"Soo… Sage… how's it going?" I asked after 20 minutes of running. Don't get me wrong. I was scared out of my mind, but screaming wasn't going to help me. Staying calm was the only option until I had a better grasp of the situation.

"I'm good… tad bit uncomfortable, but, yeah, I'm good," she replied, surprisingly as equally calm.

I gave her a thumbs up and sighed, "My ribs hurt."

"Mine too."

"Hey Mr. Man could you possibly put me down?" I asked in the sexiest voice I could muster. I ran my fingertips along his back for added effect and felt his chest rumble.

"What are you doing?" She mouthed at me.

"It's distracting him." I mouthed back. She made an 'O' motion with her mouth and watched me mess around. The guy that was carrying me let out a sexy growl noise and I smiled wider. "It's working!" I mouthed, trying to not say it out loud. But as soon as I mouthed it he moved his hand to my bottom. I widened my eyes and shot my head to the side at Sage.

"What is it?" She whispered at me alarmed.

"His hand… is on my ass." I whined quietly and stopped stroking him. His rumbling stopped but his hand remained on my booty for the rest of the trip.

Soon we approached a great white, stonewall that seemed at least 20 feet high. A large gate opened and we strolled into the unknown region. Twilight Zone. It had to be the mother fucking Twilight Zone. Everyone in the city we were walking through had some sort of odd feature. Be it tail or a set of cat ears, they all had some animalistic trait. Some people looked human, but you couldn't fool me, there was something off about all of them All those strange eyes were on us as these two odd men carried us still. We reached a very huge, castle like building and were brought in.

"Well aren't y'all fancy. All this expensive stuff and you got to find a woman in the forest?" I asked pushing up and looking down at the guy that was holding me. He smirked at me and continued walking forward.

"Don't disturb us." He called back to Adrian, and whoever else was around.

I started squirming and reached out for Sage, "Sage help me! Boy you better take your hand off my ass." Sage tried to fight off the guy that was holding her but we turned a corner so I didn't figure out what happened to her.

"Where are you taking me?" I had relaxed on his shoulder and fidgeted less. I needed to save my energy if this was going to come down to a fight. I've said all my life if some shit like this were to go down either me or my attacker was going to die.

"We have to mate remember?" He said stroking me.

"We don't have to do anything." We came to a door and he pushed it open quietly. I was dropped on a huge, fluffy, bed and he turned his back to me.

"Strip." He ordered and he seemed to be unbuttoning his shirt.

"Yeah… that's going to have to be a no. I don't even know your name." I moved to the side of the bed getting ready to make a break for it.

"Jake, and don't you get off that bed." He threw his shirt to the side, turned towards me, and I stared at his chest. He was chiseled. My god I have not seen abs as beautiful as those in my 26 years of life.

"Well now woman, strip. Or do I have to do it for you." Jake raised his eyebrow at me kinkily.

I hopped off the bed and made a break for the first door I saw. Yet, the world still decided to be cruel and he grabbed onto my arm. Jake swung me into his chest and we were face to face.

He smiled again and started whispering, "You know, love, it's hard to mate when you're running away."

"Love? I don't love you; neither do I want to ma…" He went straight to my neck and started kissing it.

"I believe they call this rape." I put my hands on his chest and tried pushing him away. He stopped and looked me in the eyes. I could have melted in his eyes they were so so blue. You could see a million thoughts flying through his head at that moment. His eyes were taking in every detail, analyzing all. "Stop it." I glared back and tried to pull away. His stare continued and I started shuffling uncomfortably.

"This is only making things harder…" He said rubbing his head in my neck. I had to say this was one weird change of mood. But just when I thought he was gentle he pushed me back on to the bed.

"Alright woman, we're doing this now." He undid his belt and threw it to the side next to his shirt. Thing only got worse as he climbed on top of me basically trapping me. The only way, I figured at least, to get out of this situation was to play along. Use some of that feminine charm. Yeah… that. Ha.

"Err… Darling," I said seductively while wrapping my arms around his neck. His eyebrows raised and he had a questioning look on his face. "Take it slow please…" I whined in his ear. I felt his chest rumble on mine and he licked my neck. I rolled my eyes and let him do as he pleased. He started moving up my shirt and I realized all too soon this plan probably wouldn't work. Before I could change my mood again my shirt was completely off and I was down to my bra. "Alright buddy… I think we've both had enough…" As much as I tried to get out of this, he was one persistent crazy man.

He kissed down my chest and started tugging at my bra with his teeth. His hands slowly slipped to my back, heading to the clip on my bra. He lightly kissed my breast as he undid the bra. It was terribly uncomfortable and amazing at the same time. Some crazy (hot) man whom I didn't know was kissing my boobs. Why the hell did I choose not to wear a sports bra today? He unfortunately got the clip undone in record speed and threw it off my body. Fuck. Plain and simple. I quickly covered my chest and managed to flip on my stomach, earning another growl from wacko.

"Woman I will take you from behind. I was willing to be gentle." You could definitely tell that my antics were annoying him.

"Why do you want to mate with me anyway?!" I basically screamed.

"Because…" He growled, leaning his chest on my back and wrapping his arms around my waist. "A human in my blood line may allow the child to go to the human world without hardship and garner necessary resources and knowledge." He unbuttoned my pants and started sliding them down my legs. Once again, fuck. When he pulled them off my legs I scrambled up the bed to the headboard. Being a tad bit retarded at the moment, I didn't run for a door.

"No more buddy. I don't care about your goals." I reached for a blanket and wrapped it around myself.

"You're having my child whether you want it or not." He moved closer and I pressed myself against the headboard.

"What about Sage? Huh? She's human." Sure, trying to pin this on my friend was a dick move hands down… but hey. It wasn't like I was gonna let him get her, it would have just bought time for the both of us.

"I want you." Must I say it again? Fuck. He finally got to me after taking it painfully slow. I stood up on the bed to try and evade his advances. I started bouncing away but he wrapped his hand around my leg making me fall face first on the bed. Now I was embarrassed and scared. He crawled on top of me and planted his hands on my hips. I tried crawling away but his grip was firm. During this struggle I could hear him laughing.

"Would you shut the fuck up?" I peered back at his mocking face.

"You're not going to get away from me." He laughed.

"Funny, that's what I said to your mom last night." I commented. Would this help my situation in anyway shape or form? Hell no. But if I was going to go down today, it was going to be accompanied by snarky, if not stupid, remarks. He pulled me into him and soon I was across his lap. After adjusting me slightly and loud pap came to my bottom, followed by a lot of pain. "DID YOU FUCKING SPANK ME?!" I looked back at him with an astonished face. He smiled and started rubbing my panty-covered butt. He spanked me again causing me to cry out. "Son of a…" Another spank burned my skin. "STOP!" I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes. It had been a long time since I was spanked (not even in the good way), and my ass was on fire. The pap of another spank echoed throughout the room. The last time I was spanked was with a creepy ex that had a school girl fetish. Yeah, that guy was a mistake. And that must have brought up some repressed memories 'cause I was freely crying, snot and all.

"Will you stop struggling?" He asked rubbing my butt again, if that was suppose to help relieve the pain then that was one dumbass method. I nodded for him to stop and he let me get off his lap and lay on the bed. I was totally wailing and I could hear his frustrated sighs. "Stop crying." Psht like that would stop me I just cried louder. He climbed on top of me and looked down at my face. "Stop." He commanded trying to move my hands which were rubbing my eyes. I put up a fight but he finally took them down. I saw him grit his teeth and he climbed off of me. He silently got off the bed and put on a shirt. Without speaking a word he opened a door and left the bedroom. Sniffing constantly I looked around the bedroom I was in. Was my crying face that ugly?.

Trying to slow my breath I searched for my clothes and put them back on. And then I started laughing, hard. Why was I laughing, you ask? Not because I had gone into hysteria (though that was a good possibility), but because I was on birth control for my period. Even if we did something I wouldn't have gotten impregnated. Remembering this I looked for the messenger bag I had thankfully kept during the whole escapade. It was conveniently at the foot of the bed. In the front pocket was three months worth of pills. I laughed louder in happiness then looked inside of the main pocket for my computer. Son. Of. A. Bitch. My computer's base was basically falling off and it looked like a shitty mess. My laughter turned into tears and anger.

"I AM SO GOD DAMN MAD!" I cried out like a cave man and stood up. With my computer in hand I ran out of the bedroom, full of rage. In the midst of running I came up on a maid and stopped her. "WHERE DID THEY TAKE MY FRIEND?" I screamed. That maid must have been scared out her mind. I knew my eyes were blood shot red and my hair was everywhere.

"I… I don't know!" She mewed shrinking back in fear.

"What good are you?!" I screamed as I bolted off.

Being dumbed down by rage and fear I ran around the house like a hamster with its tail on fire. My running soon came to a halt as I ran out of breath. This house was massive. Defeated, I fell down to my knees and rested against a wall. It must have been a sad sight. I calmed my thoughts and knew that I had to figure out a plan. The best I could do was to retrace my steps and try to remember the way we took to get to the bedroom from the front of the house. Too bad I was too stupid to remember the way I came when I was running around like a fool. Aimlessly, I wandered, half hoping someone would find me and take me where I needed to go. Finally I spotted the maid, which I so kindly screamed at before and walked up to her. I tapped her should and she shrieked loudly.

"Woman, call down! I just need you to take me to the front of the house." I clamped my hands on my ears until she abruptly stopped.

"What is the meaning of your screaming?" A deep, sexy voice, called behind me.

I slowly turned around and heard the maid girl apologizing, "I'm sorry sir. I was afraid she was going to hurt me." Jake looked to me and I put on the darkest glare I could muster.

"YOU MOTHERFUCKING, ASS LICKING, DOUCHEBAG!" I screamed holding up my laptop. He looked at me, unchanged in emotion, and stepped forward.

"What did you say to me?" He growled.

I grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him closer, "I said mother fucking, ass licking, douchebag." I… I… I was not thinking correctly that day. It must have been the fall, yeah that's it, it was the fall. Whatever possessed me to say that must have left because he then started staring me down, and I was fucking scared. Then, he kissed me. Yeah really weird, you don't go glaring at a person then kiss them. Unless it's one of those make-up sex routine. But I assure you now I wasn't going to go into make-up sex mode anytime soon. Not wanting this kiss, which I was analyzing in my head, to last any longer, I pushed him away.

He stood back up straight and smirked, "Give me your computer, I'll get it fixed."I held my computer close and tried to read his face, why did this seem like an evil ploy to get in my pants? "Give it to me." He commanded, not a single bit of kindness in his voice.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked, if there was one thing in the world I could not live without, it was my laptop. Then he gave me that look, that look that wasn't going to tolerate questions, and was ready to take back to offer. So I handed him my computer. I needed to find Sage and if I could maybe send her an email or something so we could communicate. But to do that I needed something that could get on the internet, and seeing that I had a dumb phone, this felt like my only option.

We had walked through the mansion, out, and down the road. All eyes were on me once again and I felt uncomfortable. It was probably because I looked like a hot mess. I tried smoothing down my hair and tried to stand more behind him. And as if he could sense my discomfort, Jake grabbed my hand, earning hushed gasps from those around us. I knew in that moment that this guy had some pull in this society. I only halfheartedly tried to pull my hand away, but I put in 110% to try and look unhappy. So I pouted and looked down at the ground. Can you believe it? A grown 26 year old woman was having her hand held, like a helpless child that can't cross the street. Despite all the staring and urges to touch the almighty guy who was holding my hand, we got through the crowds unharmed and to a building. I was thankful that the trip down the stairs hadn't transported us to a medieval time or something. This place had modern buildings, indoor plumbing, and thankfully a place to fix my baby. The oddest fixture in the town was the huge castle, mansion like thing in the back. This place was actually quite beautiful once you got pass the guy with the scaly tail.

Getting away from the story here, sorry. So we walked into a small white building, and I discovered, much to my appreciation, was an electronics store. I was an electronics junkie, sue me. Jake, walked to the counter, still holding my hand of course, and placed my laptop on the desk.

"I will get this fix right away sir." The clerk bowed and walked away with my laptop, though he didn't even really know the problem.

"Can't I just buy you a new one?" He asked me impatiently, sitting in there for two hours with him was creepy.

"Well… I want the stuff on my computer, so if you got it transferred, then fine go ahead, get me a new one." I said not caring, but on the inside, ha! I was cheering him on, I wanted a new computer for a while now, but the pennies I earned for web design prevented me from getting one.

"Which one do you want?" He asked tossing me a catalog. Thankfully this was all in English so I just flipped through the book and looked at all the expensive computers I could now have. Hey, I wasn't going to stay here for nothing. They had all the same models that you find back at home, so I had to believe that there was definitely a way to get back. I found the laptop I had been pining for and turned towards Jake.

"This one." I pointed to the one I wanted and he got up to order it. When he came back he stood in front of me, waiting for me to get up.

"It'll be done later, I'm not staying here any longer." He said, I assumed it wasn't a topic to be left open for discussion, but I had to say something.

"Uh… well… thank…" God it hurt to come out, "…you." I did it, I thanked him, as much as it hurt, I thanked him.

He smiled and leaned down to me, "Oh love, you are thanking me in a different way." He pecked me on the lips and started walking away. Mother fruiting man! He did this all for sex, I hated him so much. Now that I think of it I probably could have escaped when he left, but where would I have escaped to? Into the vast group of freaky, non human, people? I think not. So after following him back to the house, I decided to sneak away from him and find Sage. Hadn't seen that girl in a while, and I was wondering what she was up to. And, you know, I was sort of hoping she wasn't dead in a dungeon somewhere.

"Bedroom's over here." Jake called not even looking back at me sneaking away.

"I'm not your mate." I called back and picked up the pace. Just when I thought I got away I was slung over a shoulder and taken away.

On the bed again, I was. Jake stripped down to his underclothes in front of me making sure I didn't run away. "Now then, are you going to behave this time, or am I going to have to spank you again?" Oooh he had to bring up the spanking, my butt still stung from last time. I shook my head no and unbuttoned my shirt. I was on birth control… so well if we humped I wouldn't get knocked up… right? I wiggled out my pants, and hoped this wouldn't be a rough session. Cooperation could be my ticket to freedom. "My, aren't you obeying. That's what I like." He climbed on the bed and pulled at my bra.

"Please… be gentle…" I pleaded, he was an evil man, last thing I wanted was to be torn to pieces.

"I tried to be last time, but you kept struggling." He had me there, I didn't deserve for him to be gentle, but I was fighting for my life and dignity. I whined a little bit and looked up at him. "Fine, I will be gentle with you, but if you don't participate things will get rough." He reached around and unclipped my bra. There was a participation grade in this class? Only a douche would do that. I turned my head to the side as he pulled it off, and made no eye contact. I felt so violated and he sensed it. "Look at me." He commanded. I slowly lifted my head and looked into his cold eyes. "I'll give you a week." He said to me, I just looked at him blankly. "If you're not ready to mate, then that is your issue." Jake looked down at my breast for a moment, hesitated, and then left to go to the bathroom. Fuck yeah, I was off the hook for a week.

First published in 2007, I'm taking the time to revamp the first couple chapters of this story because they were pretty terrible, and I could not live with myself. I did what I could with what was already in place, so bear with me. Once I fix some of the things that have been haunting me for six years I'll be adding more chapters! Stay tuned.