I woke up with jolt and quickly sat up to scan my surroundings, shielding my eyes from the glaring sun. Turns out, I was back in Jake's bed, and I had just scared the shit out of a maid who must have been looking after me.

"I didn't mean to scare you!" This woman just stared with wide, gold eyes filled to the brim with terror. "I'm sorry?" I had the strange feeling that she couldn't understand a single word that flew out my mouth. "Are you okay?" I asked, slowly. She proceeded to talk slowly back to me in what sounded like their Kynthia language, and, in that moment, I knew I was fucked. We stared at each other in complete, awkward silence. She mumbled something with the name Rivera in it, and then she left the room. I waited a few minutes alone in the bed twiddling my thumbs and wondered what the hell was going on. Right when I was on the verge of an epic, and I mean epic, panic attack, Jake stormed into the room. He started speaking in his language, and I outright told him, "I can't understand a word you're saying."

"You can't?"

"Well, I couldn't, but now I can."

"That's because I'm speaking to you in English." He came over and sat on the bed.

"Explanation, please." I wasn't enjoying the feeling of being utterly lost.

"Why you can't understand us now?"

"And, preferably, that chunk of memory I'm missing." The last thing I remembered was being really lightheaded and scared.

"I'm not exactly sure why you fainted," he began, "but I think it's because you've been putting too much stress on your body. I'm assuming you're still recovering from that tumble you took. Plus traveling through worlds can take a toll on your body."

"Really? I know my body hurts like a bitch, but I didn't think I was doing too bad." Though, I could have used a tylenol at that moment.

"Well, that and you seemed dehydrated." He explained as he scratched his chin. I noticed he didn't shave that morning and some stubble was coming in, leading to me to question what time it was.

I glanced over to the clock, "Four o' clock? Jesus, I've been out for a while."

"After you regained consciousness and confirmed that you were indeed safe, you went right to sleep in my arms." Jake smirked, "I'm surprised you could just fall asleep after that."

"Hey, I was tired. Besides, my fainting isn't important. What was happening behind me?"

"Jardon, that man that attempted to kidnap you, had a gun to your head and then I took care of him."

I raised an eyebrow, "Took care of him?"

Jake just smiled, "I believe the reason you can't understand our language is because you didn't pass through a scholar portal this time."

"So… are we going to fix that?" Jake was pretty good a keeping information to himself.

"If by 'fix that' you mean 'am I going to teach you,' then yes." The hell he was. I completely failed at Spanish in school, and I learned to accept the fact that I wasn't going to be able to learn a new language in my life. And, on top of that, I didn't want to butcher their beautiful sounding language.

"Can't I just hop through one of those portals again? That seemed to work well last time."

"It takes a great deal of time and magic to make one of those, darling. It'll be better for you to just know the language."

"You don't understand. I suck at learning languages. I suck. Can't we just speak to each other in English? I know that's an ignorant way of thinking… but... You can talk dirty to me in your language if you want, I don't care," I pleaded with him.

"So, you're only going to talk to me?" He asked, I caught his line of sight shifting to my chest.

I looked down and realized that I was wearing a night gown, "And Sage, and I'm sure Kane and everybody else that went home with us speaks English…. Who dressed me in this?"

"So you're going to only talk to five people? And I'm sure it was the maids."

I felt my breasts for a moment, "Whoa, they took my bra off too! I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with that, and to answer your question, yes. I'm perfectly fine talking to my top five."

Jake cleared his throat, "You're learning and that's final. You need to be able to talk to people, you can't stay in the house forever." He got up off the bed.

"Bitch, don't tell me what to do." I hopped out of the bed smiling, the look on his face was priceless. Priceless.

"Bitch?" He looked at me, unamused.

"I'm just kidding, well, not really. I don't want to learn it."

"I am completely surprised that this is what gets you upset and not the gun to your head." He looked down at my dress and then looked away, I could see his cheeks reddening.

"I don't even remember that, so how is it supposed to upset me? And hot damn, this dress is short." My nightie only came down to about my upper thigh and if I bent over the world was going to see my silky panties.

"It is rather short." Jake was having some sort of battle with himself and was losing. He couldn't stop his eyes from staring at the hem.

I studied his face for a moment and then the lightbulb went on. "Oh! You're still all randy from the whole moon thing, aren't you?"

His eyes went wide and he adverted his lingering gaze. "If you put some proper clothes on I won't be so distracted."

"It's not like I was the one that put this on." I took a step closer to him and caressed his prickly chin, I just had to touch it. "I'm not sure if I like this scruffy look."

"I've been busy since we've gotten back, I haven't had the opportunity to shave," Jake sighed as one of his hands found its way to the back of my thigh.

"Did you sleep at all?" I asked, and he shallowly shook his head no. "Nap?" He repeated the motion and I pouted. If I missed one night of sleep I'd be a total wreck. "Are you busy right now? I questioned.

He checked his watch. "I have about an hour, then I have to attend a meeting."

"Then you should lay down for that time, I can wake you up in 45 minutes." I walked behind him and started to push him towards the bed.

"Knowing you, you'll fall asleep as well, and then I'll be late," he said, taking off his shoes.

"Probably, but you seem to have enough control over your sleep, so it'll be okay."

Jake paused, sat down on the edge of the bed and looked up at me. "We can't have a repeat of last night." His tone was serious and the same pink tinge from before was lingering on his cheeks.

"True. I better put some pants on." I strolled over to the dresser, pulled some sweat pants on, and crawled onto the bed. "Is this better?" I rested my head against his broad chest.

"At least it's not spring…" Jake's voice sounded far off.

"What happens in spring?" I asked, getting into my comfy place.

"It's mating season."

"You guys have a season?" I waited for an answer and looked up to see Jake sleeping. He must have been crazy tired. I chuckled in a silent manner to myself, just a month ago I was plotting ways to kill this man, and now I'm willingly lying on his chest. I needed to grow a pair, seriously. But those thoughts ceased to plague me when I fell right back asleep and surprisingly woke up 48 minutes later.

Jake was still sleeping, which was not ideal considering he had 12 minutes before his meeting started. I called his name as sweetly as a person such as me could, but he remained deep in his slumber. I propped myself up and patted his face to get him going, and it worked, he opened his eyes, but he threw an arm around my back, rolled me over, stuck his face in my neck, and attempted to go back to sleep.

"Hey! You've got a meeting to go to!" I laughed and attempted to push him off.

"My prep time starts in 15 minutes, I have about 20 minutes after that before the meeting," he groaned and pulled my body closer to his.

"Are you saying you're completely ready?" I asked, stroking his hair. Jake always smelled like the forest, and it growing on me.

"As far as I'm concerned."

"You should really get going, Jake." "

After tomorrow, I'm going to be busy. Very busy," Jake sighed and sat up, "I'll be able to see you in the morning and at night. And, if I can get away, I can come meet with you."

"Oh…" I was already starting to feel lonely at the thought, "I've gotten used to you being around me 24/7 at my house." I smiled. "It's okay though, I'll be fine. I have Sage, we need to spend more time together anyway." I crawled to the edge of the bed, and walked to the dresser to get more suitable day clothes on.

"You should probably stay in bed." Jake sat on the edge of the bed to put his shoes on.

"I'm feeling better, don't worry about me. I'll take some aspirin and be good as new." I felt his arms around my shoulders, pulling me into an embrace from behind.

"I'll make an effort to see you, I promise." My lips curled upward a small degree, I was trying to hide my disappointment, but Jake read me like a book. I didn't quite understand it myself why I was so bummed, but it was like he was ditching me.

"Thanks, Jake."

He wasn't kidding when he said we wouldn't see each other. He had gone to bed around 1 am that night and woke up at 5 am, and I didn't see him until later at night right before their big transformation party. I was hanging out with Sage in our special room I demanded Jake give us when we first got there, when Kane, Adrian, Dante, and someone else infiltrated our territory. A man grabbed my hand to pull me out of my chair, and I nearly screamed because I didn't recognize who it was. When I resisted the man he squatted in front of me with a confused look.

"It's me." It was Jake's voice.

"Where the hell is your hair?" I immediately touched his smooth short hair. It was similar to a buzz cut, slightly longer, but a buzz cut nonetheless.

"I got it cut," he smiled. Dayum! Jake had a great face! He had the facial structure of a model and his eyes stood out even more.

"No shit," I muttered and smoothed my hands over his head. The others had left the room to go wherever. I didn't even notice.

"Do you like it?" He tilted his head to the right, like a curious dog.

"Yeah, you look… sexy. But, why? I liked your hair."

Jake grinned widely. "I donated it, besides, it was becoming a bother. I can let it grow back if you want me to."

"That's really nice of you, to donate it, I mean. And you don't have to grow it out right away, I like this change." I moved my hand along his chin, his haircut really accentuated his face. I didn't think he was this attractive. Jake slid his hands to my waist and stood up just enough to kiss me. I felt the air on my stomach and thwarted his plan to pull my shirt up by pushing his hands down. This man and his shirt pulling. "What did you come here for?" I pulled myself away from his advances.

"We're going to do the run tonight; It's a full moon." "

I get to see you change into a wolf?" I stood up and looked down at him excitedly. He stood up and pulled my body against his.

"A wolf-husky mix."

"Same difference. Let's go!" That one sly smile Jake gives me when he wants to have relations creased his face. He bent over slightly to start kissing my neck.

"How are you feeling?"

"A hell of a lot better," I ran my hand over the back of his head, I felt like I was cheating with another man.

"Good," Jake said and gripped my hips, his pupils dilated, and his K-9s lengthened. Just as things were getting hot and heavy, my female instinct told me to flip the cock block switch.

"The others are waiting, Jake," I panted. Jake stopped his pulling down of my pants and looked at me straight in the eyes.

"You waited until this point to stop me? Don't be such a tease." And he was right, his shirt was wide open and his pants were unbuttoned and unzipped.

"You better believe it, darlin'," I mimicked a southern accent to break the mood even more. He ignored my antics and placed his hands right on my boobs and his mouth right on my neck. "Or, you could keep going, that's cool too," I panted as I wrapped my arms around his neck. He quickly threw off my shirt allowing me to feel the cool rush of air on my flushed body. His hands gripped my ass with a carnal desire, and he let out a deep growl. A pleasure filled whimper managed to escape my mouth, which gave him all the approval he needed to continue. His lips traced my collar bone as his hand slowly dragged my jeans past my ankles. A trail of kisses formed from between the middle of my breast to my inner right thigh and I started giggling. Jake looked up at me with those goddamn intense blue eye questioningly. "It's nothing. This just reminded me of when we first met and you couldn't keep it in your pants."

"The only reason I've stopped coming on so strong," he said as he pulled my panties off and repositioned himself between my thighs, "is that you responded better to a gentler touch."

"Don't kid yourself," I sighed into his neck as he penetrated. "You still come on mighty strong. There's just a little less groping in the hallway." He pushed deeper in causing me to moan quietly in his ear.

"You miss that don't you?" he laughed and began moving his hips against me.

"Now that..." I lost my train of thought due to the sensory overload that was occurring.

"Now that?" Jake inquired nonchalantly.

"Now that I know you, it may not be so bad…" I threw my head back and decided to forgo this conversation and enjoy the ride. Pun completely intended.

"I'll have to remember that," Jake whispered. With that, Jake decided to actually get serious and wrapped his arm underneath my back to get a better grip. His kisses caressed every exposed part of my upper body. They went from the base of my neck, to the edges of my shoulders, down the space between my breast, and finally back to my lips. I sighed in his ear and squirmed under his body as the pleasure coursed through every inch of my body. My hand slid across the back of his his newly shaven head. It really felt like I was with a new man. The hunger in his eyes and in his actions felt twenty times more intense. I started to wonder if this was also an effect of the moon, but those thoughts became jumbled as my climax approached.

"Jake…" I groaned, alerting him.

"I know," he grunted, with an accompanying growl. His thrusts became much more shallow and his breathing soon followed suit. My body convulsed as I peaked and Jake grunted loudly in my ear in the moment he climaxed as well.

We remained still for a moment to slow our breathing and recollect ourselves. I kissed the edges of his now clean shaven chin until he moved his mouth to mine for a long kiss. He then lifted himself off of me with a smile as he pulled out.

"We need to do this more often," he said, with a wide grin.

"As much as I would like to, I can't argue with you there." I sat up and scanned the room for my clothes. Jake place his hands on either side of me and pressed his lips against mine once again.

"Let's just have sex for the rest of the day," he laughed sexily.

"Don't you have some big werewolf shenanigans happening tonight?" I asked, while sliding off the desk into his chest.

"Today, tomorrow, same difference," he said, charmingly, I might add. I smiled and gathered my clothes.

"Why am I the only one completely naked?" I questioned. All Jake had to do was zip up his pants and button his shirt to look presentable, while I had to scour the floor to just find my panties.

"Its more fun to take your clothes off rather than mine. Looking for these?" He held my panties up like a trophy. I walked up to him looking like a dumbass with a shirt on but no pants or panties to speak of.

"Yes I am, give 'em back." I reached up for them, but Jake was playing the fuck you shorty game. You know, the one where I jump up trying to grab my stuff and the tall mother fucker holds it out of reach. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. I stood up on my tippy toes and gave him a kiss thinking that's what he wanted but it was a wasted effort.

"I appreciate all your kisses, darling, but that's not what I want in exchange."

I pouted, "what exactly do you want then?"

"Sex. Tonight. All night. After the run." I could see his pupils dilating again and his K-9's were larger.

I sighed, "Fine. If I'm not asleep by then."

"I'll wake you up," he said and returned my panties.

"That's a dick move, you know." I snatched my property out of his hand.

"Nice choice of words," Jake grinned.

Once we cleaned ourselves up, we went outside to meet the others in Jake's backyard, which was pretty much just a gigantic forest once you got past the springs and such.

"Walking kind of funny there," Sage snickered as I waddled in.

"Not as funny as your face." I stuck my tongue out at her and received a warm flipping of the finger at me in response.

"And that goes for you too, Jake," Sage announced, "don't think I don't see you smirkin' over there." Jake sneered at her then grabbed my hand to lead me to a clearing a little deeper in the forrest.

"How far are we going? And why aren't we sticking with the group?" I asked, making sure I didn't trip on any roots or anything.

"Not that far, just follow the path back after I change," he told me as he pulled off his shirt and then started on his pants. "And we have to remove our clothes to be able to change properly." He got down to his briefs and handed his folded clothes to me.

"So everybody's getting naked?" Jake grinned and nodded. Bunch of streakers. "Alright, time to get this show on the road." Jake pulled his boxers off and as soon he got them past his ankles, he sneezed. This triggered some reaction (I'm pretty sure the sneeze wasn't usually part of this process) and in seconds his body was covered in a thick layer of greenery and vines, and, in a breath, the vines dispersed and out popped a wolf. "Holy shit," I whispered under my breath. I was utterly frozen in astonishment. The wolf Jake had the same blue eyes and his fur was a deep brown, almost a black, with various patches of different colored fur. I mean, I know he told me he could do it, but seeing it in real life was insane. I sat down in front of him and placed his clothes to the side on the ground. He trotted over to me and rubbed his muzzle again my cheek. Fear and adrenaline coursed through my body as I hesitantly touched his fur. He licked my cheek and it all hit me. This. Was. Awesome. I squealed and started pulling on his ears and playing with his paws. It got to the point where I had him on his back and was rubbing his belly while laughing like a clown on crack. The belly rubs had the same calming effect on him as the did when he was a human.

In the midst of my overly joyed belly rub, a dog came out of the brush and jumped around happily until he got to me. I was startled, but I recognized those green glowing eyes; It was Kane. He licked my face and I turned my attention to him to rub his head. Jake rolled to his feet and sat very close to me with his tail wrapped around my backside. I was in heaven. It was just too much cute to handle, and I was so happy that I could've cried. Seriously, I felt the tears coming. Kane was really hyper in his dog mode, he wouldn't stop running around and prancing. If it was any other situation I would have told him to sit the fuck down, but I was too merry to bitch. Another dog came out that looked very similar to Jake, but with a more golden hue, making me think it was Dante. I beaconed him over and gave his ears a good scratching until he sat on the other side of me and rested his head on his paws. My face was hurting from the extensive smiling. A very beautiful gold colored, long-haired Spaniel came out, and from its graceful movements I could tell it was Raine. She sat as far away as possible from me, but on the side that Jake was chilling on. It was pretty silent other than the sounds of nature, their panting, and my giggling, so I could hear Sage approaching with her excited yells of my name.

"He's a Fox, Maya!" Sage come out from behind some tree with a fox following her. "Whoa the whole party is here!" Sage said with as much excitement in her voice as I was feeling. I told her who was who, and there were a few more minutes of enjoying the moment until Jake stood up and make a small barking noise. The pack started moving forward and one by one the disappeared into the woods. I stood up, gathered Jake's clothes, and squatted down once again to pat his head once more. He allowed me to feel him up for a few seconds before he bit on my sleeve and tugged on it in the direction of the house. I got the hint and stood up while trying to maintain as much contact with Jake's head as I could. I started walking backwards to the house, knowing that as soon as I turned around Jake would be gone. Jake sat patiently in the clearing waiting for me to be on my merry way, and even when I finally did turn around to walk back properly, I glanced quickly over my shoulder and he was still waiting. "Come on, Maya! It's flipping cold." Sage ordered with a smile still plastered to her face. I walked a few more steps without looking forward and stopped once again.

"Wait! I want to hear you howl!" I yelled back over to Jake. I could barely see him in the dark from where I was but I heard the distinctive sad sounding howl coming from the darkness. I instantly felt those chills I was expecting and I found myself whispering to myself, "Badass." When he ended, I finally turned around to get my ass out of the cold.

Sage and I came to a conclusion that this night was pretty much bitchin'. We were in the kitchen area of the house drinking hot chocolate spiked with Baileys when we decided this. This area of the house consisted of a large U-shaped island connecting to the wall with a arch way inside the island allowing chefs to serve food straight from the kitchen to the counter. It was used for quick meals and snacks for the staff and anyone else who happened to be in the house. Rich people are bitches with al their cool stuff… and stuff.

"I wish I could turn into a dog," I sighed and stirred my drink.

"Ditto. It looked so fun," Sage sighed along with me.

"So, is it just me or can you not understand them anymore?" I brought up after a minute of our sulking.

"I totally forgot about that!" Sage slammed her hands down on the counter excitedly. "Adrian didn't know what the fuck was going on. Did Jake know?"

I ignored the opportunity to tease her about Adrian and responded, "Jake said it was because we didn't pass through a scholar portal this time. And you want to know what he said we can do to remedy this?"


"Learn the language."

Sage started laughing in response, "Like hell we are! Do you remember Spanish class in high school? It was a series of long pauses and adding O's to english words in hopes of stumbling upon an actual Spanish word," Sage continued laughing.

"That's what I said! But he was all 'You're doing it and that's final.'" I make my voice all deep and gruff to make my story authentic. And let me be the first one to tell you my impression was spot on. We laughed for a few hours more about how we weren't going to learn another language, me dating a dog, and everything under the sun. Alcohol, of course, aided our conversation. After we were satisfyingly wasted, which was around 1 am, we retired to our rooms.

Once in Jake's room, I stumbled over to the french doors and flung them open clumsily to get some fresh air on the balcony. I leaned against the rail and looked up at the moon, it was a completely clear night and the moon looked amazing. I was tempted in my drunken state to perform a monologue about its beauty but I was dog tired. So instead, I started howling to the moon. When I was getting ready to produce another eardrum shattering howl, I heard legitimate howls in the distance responding to me. I got excited and howled more drunkenly. I did that for a good ten minutes before I stumbled back inside, threw off my clothes, and hopped in bed.

The sun can be a total douche bag in the morning. I mean, really? Shining in your face the morning after you drink a shit ton of unknown drinks provided to you by a friendly looking chef is a total dick move. I turned over onto my back and felt my face land on a fleshy being. I opened on eye and discovered Jake lounging in the bed next to me, looking all cheery.

"Morning, darling," he said soothingly, as he turned on his side and rested his head on his hand, unintentionally flexing.

"Hi," I mumbled and pulled the covers over my head. I felt Jake wrap his arm around my back and then pull me onto his stomach as he rolled onto his back.

"Why're you naked?" I mumbled into his chest.

"Why are you naked?" he asked me back. I analyzed myself for a minute and I realized I was feeling my naked body against his.

"I must have took my clothes off when I was wasted."

"I thought I smelled alcohol on you last night. Are you hungover?"

"A little." I started closing my eyes to go back to sleep but Jake started patting my back like he was the fucking bongo master or something. I pushed myself up and stared at him. "I just told you I'm hungover."

"Sorry, I have a lot of energy. Also, we had a deal." He glanced at my chest then back to my eyes with a smile.

"True. Even though it's morning now." I rolled on my back to let Jake take the lead on this one.

"Oh, by the way, darling," Jake said, as he got above me.


"I need to teach you how to howl."

"Shut up and do me."

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