I'm drinking in this dramatic and
Horribly original yet still in a
Sad way so cliché as he tells her
How she's going to die and
Smiles because the moments a
Once in a lifetime happening and
My mouth drops as he tells her
There is nothing they can do and
Laughs at his cruel jokes while she
Keeps crying and screaming doctors
Trying to push pull him away from
This dying girl who doesn't know

He's so addicted and addictive with
Sweet horrifying phrases so full of
Wit and lacking charm but bringing
My lips into a satisfied smile eyes
Aghast is that even legal I ask
Myself but can't even answer I'm
A zombie to the deadly diagnosis the
Shocking twists and turns leaving
Me with more questions than answers

The romantic flaws of it all wrapped
Up like a soap opera with a better
Script and cast they play so fluently I
Almost believe that he loves her and
She doesn't know what she wants and
The nice guys never win because
No one can stand his best friend ruining
EVERYONES lives its all so dramatic so
Intensely sweet that I'm making myself
So sick thinking I take an hour a week just
To stare at the screen mouth agape

This is my ode to that show my life
Would be devoid without it or maybe
A little more constructive but
Anyway this is for the characters that
Steal my heart mostly him and his
Disgusting lack of morals or any kind
Of soul really so this is for him and
His namesake of a show

I love House