Maybe this might be worth it

Maybe I didn't mess this all up

Maybe you'll survive

Resurrection is indeed possible

Your blood on my hands, my blood in your mouth

Maybe we can forget this ever happened

Take a step back and recreate this life

You should try to disappoint me

Try to prove my motives unfair

I should not have this power

Self-control is my weak spot

Take it away, take it away

Please, if you love me

Please, if you care

I do not want to do this again

You're simply too much for me to handle


Turn around and leave

Let me sink into myself and disappear

It'll all be ok someday, but for now it's all wrong

I want this all to be perfect

Impressing you makes me feel all right

I wish to sing it out; I wish to feel redemption

Reduce all these fears, please

Thank you, good night

Why are all my words wrong?

Say the best thing at the worst time

Drift away from this mind of mine

I'll never tell the truth

I'll never admit to my crimes

You're not the one that I should trust

Everyone hates you, just shut up

I love you but you ruined my day

They'll catch you; oh they'll catch you!

This mask will always prove you wrong

I can lie, I can act

Never mind, I can't, but I'll try my hardest

We're the only ones left

You and I, the opposites

I am weak and you are strong

I cry and you laugh

We could never be

It's ok though, I do not love you

I don't know you, I don't want to

Don't dare tell Blake that it's his fault

If you value your life, you'll leave here now.