Bleeding colours

I'm pressing my fingertips against your skin,

Leaving trails of a-picture-paints-1000-words

Well I never did understand what you were saying

Without a paintbrush in my hands & heartache on your shoulder

And yeah I know I'm sketching an ending before the beginning began

But this is exactly the kind of stuff you can't erase. Just sitting there on top of a shelf besides-

A jar spilled of contentment and one empty on promises.

You pain me & I pain(t) you, but somehow it just seems to work out in that-

Fucked up, perfect sense of 'I wish I was anywhere else but here.'

And im drawing your smile but there's imperfections on the paper screaming fake & I know then that I've got it just right.

You're staring up at me bleeding colours in an abstract kind of way...

all ink running at the edges and…

Its then when I realize this page was better blank.

a/n you spell colour with a u where im from