Another state of consciousness

You play games, I play tricks

Girls and girls but you're the one

Like a game of pick up sticks

Played by fucking lunatics

"Do you even have a heart?" he had time to yell before I slammed the door in his face throwing his jacket out with him. Recently it had felt like time was fucking with my mind. Hours passed as quick as seconds whilst others would last for days, this being one of the latter as I slid my body down against the glass of the door waiting for his footsteps to leave my drive way, and my life. My mind swirled with memories just like this one, how many times have I been in these situations? Too many to count… it was like my bubble burst, the record skipped and my breath caught in my throat.

I love you was enough to make me choke.

Sitting with the door frame poking into my back and my fingers taping on the floor boards I counted out the taps 1,2,3,4,5,6,7…58,59,60,61,62… and then I got up wiped the tears from my eyes and climbed the stairs to my room grabbing the phone with my shaking hands I dialed her number

"Hey its Ally is Haley there?"

"Sure just one minute I'll go find her"

I waited listening to the white noise and the sounds of Haley's mother calling her to the phone

"hey what's up"

"oh nothing" I replied "just felt like seeing you is all, this towns getting really boring and I wondered if you felt like a visitor for a couple of days?"

"Sure sounds great, you sure your ok?"

"Yeah fine" I mumbled "next weekend ok?"


Sometimes I just got tired. It felt like I was always running, running from my family, my friends, my problems. Anything, give me a chance and the minute I freak out I'll be gone, running. Sometimes I just needed somewhere to stop, slow down, I just wanted a fucking water break.

His hands pushed me up against the wall intertwining his fingers with mine. My breath became shorter and I giggled feeling his breath on my neck. Time swirled around me in a murky haze of feelings and fingertips as I caught the sound of music playing in the background …"we used to love one another, give to each other, lie under covers so, are you friend or foe? Kos I used to know…" "I love you" he muttered as he ran his fingers through my hair "what?" I said in confusion my brain still foggy "I said I love you…"

Sighing I shook my head in an attempt to free the images from my mind and gazed around the plane. The air was stale being blown around the plane by the fans, weaving its way around people in business suits holding books as they attempted to read stoically through the planes turbulence and those who defied all expectations and actually managed to fall asleep. I gripped the arm rests tighter inching myself away from the man asleep next to me and gazed out the window. The clouds were as thick as cream, giant balls of cotton wool beckoning me "jump Ally jump! You'll be safe. we'll keep you safe, we'll hold you tight and you can just rest for a little while in a cozy bed of cotton clouds and dreams" oh so cliché. As much as I knew that I would just fall straight through them I urged to feel the comfort of childhood dreams and the illusions of safety.

i must have fallen asleep because before i know it the planes landed. i prise my face away from the aeroplane window the glass feeling cold on my skin. hastily i brush my hair backwards and buttoned up my jacket. free flights due to my mothers job really made it so much easier to run away.

i caught sight of her at the airport terminal just as i was about to collect my bag. one moment i was reaching down ready to grab the handle before it continued passed me and back through the bagadge gates, then the next, a flash of red grabs my eyes and shes there. standing right in front of me, grinning like the cheshire cat in a little red dress. perfection incarnate.

"Ally" she yells throwing her arms around me and already im regretting running right back at her feet again.

a/n im new at this so anyone with advice or tips feel free to share. most of my stories are femmslash and yes this is one of them, as it is an issue that hits close to home. My backyard even. reviews loved, messages even more.

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