You, I Thank you

When I talk to you,

I feel as if I am floating on a wonderful cloud,

It seems so surreal,

I've never felt anything like this before,

You make my heart jump,


Most of the time my speech is constant,

But, you make me somehow stutter,

You make me nervous,

and blush,

I feel as if I am in a rush.

When you say those things, you make my heart turn into slush,

I've been through hard times and good times,

And you said that you'll always be there,

And I thank you,

I thank you.


You're there,

For me.

When I'm feeling low,

You know,

Just what to say,

To lighten,

My burden,

---on my heart.

You listen,

You care,

And you share.

And you,

Make my,

And you make my,

Make my heart feel all special inside.

Even when I wanted to hide.

And I,

was happy to get to know you,

To see the real you,

And you saw the real me.

I opened up,

And you held out your arms,


For anything.

I feel that this is the best way,

that I can ever,

come close,

to telling you,

how much you mean to me,

(Oh, how much you mean to me…)

I thank you.

I thank you.

I thank you.