Surreal Feeling

I can't believe that you felt the same way about me,

I thought you didn't see the same things

…as me.

I am so happy right now.

I feel as if I am a butterfly


Why? Why do I feel this way?

Because of you.

Because of you.

I am wordless right now,

I can't even think,

I am feeling different feelings

--all at once.

I'm sinking,

I am floating,

I'm calm,

I am rushing,

I told you, I'm feeling…




And it won't go away.

When you talk to me,

I get all jumpy inside,

No matter the subject,

From school to dust,

What is the feeling…

Of that I must,

---let out?

I'm so scared,

But I'm going for it,

I'm taking the leap,

I hope that you'll catch me,

….and you did.

I am so glad.

I think I love you.

Oh, I think I do….

I think,