I keep on,

Replaying the scene,

In my head.

I'm in shock, in awe,

That you see me that way.

And I just have to say,

I feel the same,

--about you.

…and I have for quite a while.

I just didn't have the courage,

To say it all the way.


I just,


That scene.

It's molded into my brain,

And forever it will stay,

With me.

My most cherished memory.

Thank you,

For saying it first,

You said it better then I ever could.

I'm so relieved,

That you believed,

--the same.

My heart and brain are confused no more,

They now know the truth.

Now I sit here, and think of you,

And glad that you see me through,

Thank you.

I am now replaying the scene,

Over and over again.

I can't get it out of my head.

I can't get it out,

And I am not trying.

Because I want it there.

Oh, I want it there.