Stop, Spice Up Your Life

Your life is so bland,

You don't know what to do with it, and, under pressure, you stretch like a rubber band.

You run like you have a limp in your leg,

Spice up your life, please add some nutmeg.

You complain and whine,

But, after a while you say you're fine.

Yet, later on, you start again,

And then,

You yammer on about the littlest things.

You may think that my life is exciting,

Ponder on what you may know what it is like, and you I'm not inviting.

Stop trying to be like me,

Get your own life, please cease,

This swarming around me like a flower and bees.

You are evil and totally mean,

Yet, with me, is whom you want to be seen.

I am nothing like you,

Absolutely nothing in common, please see that through!

Add some pepper and salt,

"Your life sucks," and it's not my fault.

Stop taking it out on me,

Break this wall….it's you that you should want to be.

It's you that you should be…

Oh, to be…