I just wish the timing had been better,

when friends turned to something so much more.

Because now behind every teardrop I cry,

your face lurks and tells me everything will be okay.

In this world of black and white, you are my colour.

I know you don't know, and might not even care,

but when you talk to me it makes me realize I'm not alone.

It's so hard to come to terms, with these feelings inside –

part of me just says to forget and the other parts says to hold on.

Last night I said that love isn't what I want right now,

and maybe I was happier with out it. It's like a dream,

because now all I can feel is your eyes on my back,

and all I can hear is your voice, saying these things will pass.

I can't take this feeling right now; it's not the right time or place.

Can't you just pretend I'm not here, so that I can give up?

The only thing I have left right now is my pride,

but even that is starting to melt away now.

Can't you leave me with what I have, a dream, a smile,

and let me cry the rest of the way home?

Just give in so I can give up. Just leave so I can stop believing



This thing that takes me and you to complete, it can't work.

So won't you turn your back, so that I can peacefully cry?

Just leave me be, so I can go back to this lonely way of life.

But at least I can understand that way, instead of this.