Untitled Feelings

Ever since that day,

I can't sleep,

I can't eat,

I can't do anything,

…But think about you.

I can't get you off of my mind.

You make my heart go faster than I ever imagined so,

Even deep breaths won't make it go.

It hurts me so, that you make it soar,

But deep inside I truly want more

Of this wondrous feeling.

I love talking to you,

I understand how you feel,

I will be always and forever here for you…

Even these words aren't close to even expressing,

How I feel right now,

My thought are sowed, they are all over the place.

From woozy to flying,

I am just glad that you want me to be yours.

I am a little hesitant about all of the things you say about me,

I am wondering if you really mean them,

But, somehow,

the way you say them,

I believe it.

I believe you.