She is so empty completed in her
Nothingness gown of what never
Was and always will be wrapped
Around her shining spider body thin
And breakable poison to the eyes of
Anyone who dares to look she breathes
In the sun and lives the night because
She can't remember what burns the
Higher flame as moonbeams dance
Through her silk fingertips and sunrays
Blister her cool corpse lips she is

She is so fragile and totally unbreakable a
Work of art yet to be splashed onto
The canvas of life with strawberry
Fingernails and lemon lips tickling
Sweetly onto the fabrics of lovers skin as
Her rose petal hair flows down her
Back a mountain of joy in the curves of
This glowing body she has razor teeth and
Copper knees that dig into our backs we
Are in blissful pain as she whispers sweet
Nothing into our ears her singsong voice a
Melody of hope and hate she is

He is the morning and the night he
Falls with the ocean and rises with the
Sun his eyes are made of nothingness and
His hair is sprinkled with stars like a
Moonbeam shone onto his face he's
Clothed in bare skin stretched across his
Bones that sing and scream with
Everything within him he is the saint of
All and the deepest sinner though his
Vices are like drops of honey falling into
Our eyes sticky and sweet painfully
Agonizing yet making us see so much
Clearer than before he is everything we
Are and nothing we could ever be as he
Breaks all boundaries he is

This is a love triangle that never ends and
Continues throughout eternity we start
With life and go for love but death was
Always the best as goodbye kisses we
Learn and live and dream and think with
All of these dragging us into oblivion yet
There must be more than three we see there
Must be more to all of this because there
May be life and love and death but
Isn't there more isn't there just