" Forgiven "

She tries not to think about him

The guy she really thought was the one

A mature guy that she could count on

Someone who made her smile

Kept her believing in her dream

The person she could tell her sercets to

Yet he broke her heart

Remembering the argument

He was only looking worried about her

Standing in the sorrow rain

Tears fell, her eyes fell

Running away from the pain

Didn't realize where she was going

Deep down he felt she was crying

Feeling bad he went to apologize

Continuing to run, bwfore she had stop running, noticing him

He walked slowly toward her

She backed away slowly, while the rain

continued pouring

Not realizing slippery mud was behind her

She lost her balance and began falling

He quickly grabbed hold of her and held her tight

While they rolled down the hill

When they stopped rolling, both lay there

She looked up and noticed his eyes were

staring at her

Closing her eyes she felt his kiss upon her lips

Heard him whisper " I will always be there for you."

Staring at him, a smile appeared upon her face

His smiled return to her heart