Misadventures of

Scraps & Jo

Case File #1:

Anizona 3

AUTHORS NOTE: EVERYTHING you're about to read is TRUE! This first Case is our trip to Anizona where we added one to the team!! WELCOME ABOARD MEG!!!

"DAMN YOU SCRAPS!" Rin quickly turned the Tetris theme off and glared at Scraps in the rearview mirror.

Jo turned and looked at Scraps. "Dude nothing is sacred with you is it? Is there any song that you can't defile by bangin' to it?"

Belle looked at Scraps and then let loose a hail of slaps and punches. "Damn you Scraps you fuckin pervert!"

Leo and Zero sat in the back seat coving their mouths. "Sorry Scraps man, but better you then us." Leo chuckled.

Belle glared at him. "Asshole…" she slapped Leo's arm and went back to talking to Rin.

Rin parked in the parking lot at the Marriott and the group piled out of her car. They all stretched and swore under their breath. The group ventured into the dealers room and tormented their favorite web comic Amelie "Ami-chan" Belcher then headed to the ConSweet. Upon walking in Scraps noted the girl dressed as Faye Valentine from Ballad of the Fallen Angel then whipped out his cam-corder and asked his age old question. "So how many people do you think are doing it in their costumes right now?"

"Oh my god Scraps you did not just ask that…" Jo blushed and looked at the girl dressed as Faye and shook her head.

Faye smirked at him "Oh, I'm sure that there are more then a few couples playing around in their costumes." Several scandalized gasps from the younger crowd of Con goers and Faye simply chuckled and sips at her Sprite®. "Well it's probably true."

Jo shook her head. "Please don't encourage him." Jo eyed the girl and smirked. After they went around and said which anime character they were the Faye modeled her dress.

"Faye Valentine from the casino episode."

Jo chuckled. "You mean Ballad of the Fallen Angels."

"Yea that one." The Faye smiled.

Jo just smiled and shook her head and followed the group outside. Scraps walked over to Jo and slipped a five dollar bill in her hands. "Per our agreement Jo."

A wicked smile crossed Jo's lips. "Here Belle be ready." The same evil smirk crossed Belle's lips as she took the camera and pointed it at them. "Hey perverted monk Belle wants a piccy come here." He walked over and Jo looked at a more then ready Belle and pulled Miroku in and kissed him. She broke the kiss and couldn't help but smirk. "Miroku you can let me go now."

Miroku stuttered as her slowly let Jo's waist go. "DAMN! Wh-wh-wha the damn!"

Scraps slid his glasses down his nose. "Ba-damn."

Belle squealed from the wall she was perched on. "Oh my god that was fucking great!"

The group slowly made their way back to the dealers room. They once again ran into the Faye. Miroku and her went back and forth groping each other. As the day went on the group went to the local Denny's. They all piled into Rin's KIA. Rin rubbed her chin. "Jo just sit in Hugues lap it's a five minute drive."

That was the longest five minute of Jo's life. Bumpiest too. With every bump that was hit Jo bounced a little in Miroku's lap. Belle saw him lay his head back and close his eyes and smirked and started to rub him behind the ear. "OH MY GOD SCRAPS HELP!" Jo was red faced and had Scraps in a choke hold.

Scraps coughed. "Jo……can't……breath……"

Jo sat red faced clinging to Scraps easing on the chock hold. "Sorry Scraps…"

Everyone in the car laughed because they knew what just happened. After Belle left with her fiancé the group went back to the con for the late night activities. Once again they ran into Miss Faye and she tagged along with them the rest of the night. After being married to Miroku by Scraps Faye and the others went to the rave. Jo helped the sore Faye to a chair. "Is your name really Jo?"

"No but please call me Jo."

Faye laughed. "My names Melissa but call me Mel."

"Nice ta meet ya." Jo smiled and felt herself leaning in.

"Um Jo?" Rin spoke with shock and question in her voice.

Jo quickly looked down at her boots. "Damn that blister hurts."

Everyone laughed as they left the rave. They walked Melissa to the elevator then left for the place they were staying.

"Dude Scraps I don't care if shes the crazy girl from the con I'd hit that." Jo blushed a little as she spoke with her friends at CAC.


"Yes Scraps seriously. But hey she's engaged and I'll prolly never see or hear from her again. Sides shes into guys so I'm only wishful thinking here."

"Hey buck up kid she made it more then obvious she was interested in you."

Jo looked at Scraps. "Yea sure…"

Scraps rubbed her head. "Its ok kiddo."

Needless to say that all went well and I in fact did hear from her again…She called me…I forgot I gave her my cell phone number….and it turns out she doesn't live too far away so welcome aboard Meg!!!