Misadventure's of Scraps & Jo

Case #3

Resident Evil Meg!!!!

Jo sat on her bed goofing around talking out Resident Evil while Meg was watching very intently. Jo looked over at her. "Meg?" No answer. Jo smirked and yelled boo rather loudly grabbing Meg's side just as the zombie security guard showed up. Meg let out a shrill scream and leered at Jo. "Bitch!"

"You say that like it's a bad thing girl."

Meg pouted slightly and continued to watch the horror movie and eat her butterscotch pudding. "Meanie, scaring me like that."

Jo just laughed and laid back on the bed and closed her eyes and let out a growl. No sooner had she had gotten comfortable but her damned cell phone rang. From where it sat on the dresser the Tetris theme was quite loud. The sudden ringing scared Meg causing the younger girl to jump. "Chill babe its just my phone." Jo chuckled.

Meg huffed slightly and chewed on the plastic spoon she'd been eating her pudding with. "Who is it?" She asked her eyes never leaving the TV screen.

Jo sighed. It's gunna be one of those days again. "It's Scraps." Jo answered the phone and nodded a few times. "Ok I'll let you in." Jo hung up her phone and looked at Meg. "He's here ya may wanna change I mean remember what happened last time you wore that around him." Jo stood and walked from the room closing the door behind her and let Scraps in.

"Hey kitten." Scraps rubbed Jo's head. "Is Meg decent?"

Jo walked to her bedroom door and peeked in and quickly closed the door. "Um…she……underwear……no she not…" Jo stammered red faced.

Scraps laughed. "Ooo Ultimate James Bond book."

"You have found Belle's bible." Jo chuckled.

"Drop my bible Scraps."

"I'm just looking at it."

"Ok but don't hurt it!"

"Hurt it?"

Jo's bedroom door soon opened. "Ok I'm dressed now." Meg walked back and sat on the bed and began watching the movie once again.

"Hey Faye." Scraps blinked at her silence. "Meg?" Still no response.

"Meg!" Jo poked her sides as she said her name.

"AYE! What?" She blinked when she saw Scraps. "Oh hey Scraps." She then went back to watching the movie.

Scraps looked at Jo and raised an eyebrow. "So where we gunna eat before heading up to Tempe?"

Once again Meg was silent. Jo sighed and purposely spoke loudly. "She's good at ignoring people when the TV is on!"

Meg blinked a few times. "I heard him I'm thinking."

Jo paused the movie to hold Meg's attention. "Focus…where do you wanna eat?"

"Dunno I want a sandwich and chips…"

"Subway" the three spoke in unison.

Jo sighed. "Now was that so hard?"

"What was that Jo?"

Jo looked at Meg. "Nothing why?"

Meg packed her bags and put her mp3 player on and the three walked out of Jo's house and got in the car. After a painful lunch for Scraps the trio headed for Tempe. They walked around Arizona Mills Mall till Meg said she was ready to go home. They dropped her off at home and head back to Casa Grande.