Stars and Windowsills
05/22/ 07

"the clouds look really soft don't you think?"
you used to ask me as you look through
the window just beside your classroom desk

"yeah, but they hide the s.t.a.r.s"
i would say

and that was all i could ever do
to stop you from deciding to grow wings
on your back

your back; i guess i never told you how
perfect your arched back looks like
whenever you rest your head on the windowsill
while you dream of living with the clouds – mere
skyline reflections of what you were always like;
laid back, careless and innocent

and i never guessed that one day you would
think of reaching the stars behind the clouds instead;
walking on tiptoes and balancing yourself
on that single brittle starlight-starbeam
that was the only way to stardom you (even I)
could have thought of

and now that you're light years away
i'm left here beside the window
where you used to stare from (my own back now arched)
dreaming that one day i could find a starlight of my own
to tiptoe tiptoe my own way to wherever you could be

(or perhaps i could grow my own pair of wings instead)