Woodrowe High

A/N: this is going to be an ongoing project, with probably about four or five parts hopefully. Each part will tell the story of a few students at Woodrowe High. I might even do one about the teachers, if I can think of anything.

Part one is about two students, Lily and Jack.

Part one

Chapter one – Lily.

When Lily Miller walked into form 11E at Woodrowe High, she had no idea whose life she was going to change. And form 11E didn't know what to make of her.

Tall and thin, with ivory white skin and waist length, ice-blonde hair, Lily was the kind of girl people would look twice at. Her clothes didn't help either. Woodrowe High had no uniform, and if it had, she wouldn't have worn it. That day, she was wearing a floor length black skirt, a red corset top and a black leather jacket. Peeking out form beneath the skirt were a pair of huge black doc. Marten boots with white laces. On her face she wore a white base and deep red lipstick. Heavy black eyeliner was smudged around her blue-grey eyes. The makeup made her all the more interesting to look at, but it also could be seen as a mask, worn to conceal her true identity.

Jack King couldn't stop looking at the new girl. She'd come in late, halfway through the first lesson, so, even without her extraordinary looks, she was interesting.

He knew well by now, though, that any friendships he tried to make were doomed before they even began. He also knew that a girl like her would never look twice at him.

Every school had a kid who was picked on by everyone. In Woodrowe High, Jack was that kid. Even the little twerps in year seven teased him. Year eights half his size would trip him up in the crowded hallways. The macho-muscle boys in his year would beat him up after school every day – unless he managed to run away from them fast enough.

Jack was the tallest boy in year eleven – six feet four, but so wiry and thin, it seemed an strong wind could have knocked him over if it tried herd enough. Being top of the class in every lesson did nothing for his 'street cred' – not that he cared much anyway. Jack would never fit in with those boys, all bling and white tracksuits. Wearing glasses probably didn't help either. Jack had tried to change before, tried to be 'more normal' but the bullies had carried on with their merciless taunts. Now he knew that some kids were bullies, and some, like him, were the victims of bullies. He wondered what category the new girl would be in

A/N: I know, not much plot development. this was sort of an introductory chapter, more plot stuff in the next chapter, I promise.

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