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Chapter 11

Jack knew that if he was going to take on Darren Moore after four years of abuse at his hands, he was going to have to plan his attack very carefully.

"Think, Jack, think," he muttered to himself as he sat in IT. 'Cant believe they still make us do 'information technology' – what are we gonna need it for anyway? Ok, Jack, focus - when is Darren not with his mates?'

"When he walks home from the park after boozing with his 'crew'," He said, without thinking.

"What?" asked Lily, who was sitting next to him as usual.

"It's rude to say what. Didn't your mother teach you anything?"

The smile was gone from Lily's lips now "Jack…." She said slowly "You're not thinking of doing anything stupid are you?"

Jack looked at her neck, which still had finger-shaped bruises around it, hidden beneath her high-necked shirt. 'Nothing stupid….' he thought.

"Because I'm not worth that," Lily finished.

"Don't say that," He frowned at her. Lily Miller was pretty, intelligent, and she seemed to be in control of her life. So why did she have such a low opinion of herself?

"Are you two listening back there?" came Miss Poole's shrill voice from the front of the class. Instantly, twenty faces turned to face them.

"Yes miss." Jack mumbled. "Sorry,"

Later, when the two of them were eating lunch in the school chapel – against the rules, but it was the only place they could find where people didn't stare at them – Lily decided that it was time Jack knew.

"Hey…" she began awkwardly "You remember when Darren threatened to spread some stuff about my mum all over the school-"

"If I didn't stop hanging out with you, yeah, I remember. You didn't tell me what he knew," Jack finished her sentence.

"Well, now I'm going to tell you." She whispered.

There was a long silence. When Lily finally spoke, she kept her eyes fixed firmly on the floor.

"Two years ago, something happened to my mum…to this day she won't tell us what. It messed her up. She acted like everything was ok…but it didn't fool anyone. Not me, not my dad." She laughed, not loudly, but loudly enough to make Jack question her sanity.

"One time, she spent our entire savings – and the overdraft – on stuff for me. Said it was because she knew she wasn't going to be around for much longer,"

"Did she…you know…" Jack's voice trailed off to nothing.

"Kill herself? No. I wish she had though" Lily's voice had more than just a note of bitterness to it.

"About a month after the 'weirdness' started, she went out to do the weekly shop. She took a gun with her. I think she brought it off eBay or something." She spoke without expression, but a stray tear found it's way down her white face.

"My mother…took out her gun in the supermarket, and just emptied it into whoever was nearest. At least that's what the paper said. She didn't go to prison, but the judge referred her to a mental institute in New York. So I had to go to a new school over there, and of course, my dad told the principal in NY what had happened, and the principal told everyone. The whole school that is." She paused, shuddering at the memories

"My dad couldn't deal. He got a job, and spent as long as he could there. When we moved back here it was the same. Mum lives upstairs, and I don't think he's seen her since we got back. It's me who has to cook for her, me who has to check on her to make sure she doesn't do anything stupid, me who has to do…everything!" Lily was shouting now, really shouting. Jack had never seen her lose control like this. It was as if the cork had popped from the bottle that she'd kept tightly closed for two years.

Tentatively, Jack put his arms around her. She held tight to him, her slim body heaving with sobs.

"I'm sorry," she chocked out.

"Me too," Jack whispered into her silky hair, "Me too,"

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