This is a sequel to Master's Call. So if you haven't read it. Do so now!

I call

I know I will be heard

I can solve all your problems

I can give you all the answers

Your life is no longer yours

You have been dependent on me

For far too long

You can't escape me now

I am your drug

But I am not injected

Inhaled, or even taken

I am your friend

I will always be here

In the dark corner of your life

I will not judge you

Not even when I take your life

You are just another victim

In my parade death

You'll always be my favorite

Just like the one before

So cut a little deeper

Be baptized in your blood

Ignore the pain

It's easier that way

Yeah that's right

Just a little more

You're almost done

You're crashing to the floor

Now here comes the ambulance

But it's just too late for you

They sigh and look at me

The blade has once again succeed

I hope you liked it. Please Read and Review. This poem is a sequel to Master's Call.