This was just a poem I came up with off the top of my head reading some stuff on this site. Pardon the strange title. Just came out and seemed to fir pretty well, even if I made up a word in the process. Uh... R+R?



Our paths

Once far apart

Unnoticed by the other

Now side by side

Latched together

Connected by invisible string


I tried to meld the paths

The attempt rejected

The paths thrust apart

The string severed

Severed by truth

The truth like a pair of scissors


I see now

Your path is joined with another's

With last ditch efforts

Our paths' connections restored

Once again side by side

Joined now by ethereal ropes









...Man, this was short. The metaphors and symbols are pretty vague, I know, but some of the more astute may be able to garner their significance.