Thank you for choosing my story for your reading pleasure. This is my first story I have ever written so any feedback (with the exceptions of plot altering ideas and misspelled words) are always welcome. I especially encourage feedback on my grammar or any pointers when writing because I don't have much experience with writing stories. Well I won't keep you guys long, so I will let you get to the story now. I hope you enjoy it.

"...There is a lot of false beliefs in this world. There are so many people who run their lives base on their beliefs. There is one belief out there, little do people know, actually is correct. That belief is the belief in angels and Heaven. Sometimes angels come to earth. No one knows how, or why angels do this but they somehow do. My theory is because of a special power granted to them at birth that disguises them. Hopefully I will get some kind of discovery that will push the angel investigation forward soon."

As i finish writing the summary of my research in my computer journal, I turn towards the glass containment chamber on my desk. Inside is a white feather, one significantly larger than normal bird feathers. The feather still has a slight glow on it. To think that all the secret research of angels started with the discovery of this feather.

As I was staring at the feather and thinking about its discovery, I start looking around my office. It was just a normal office. On the walls there were a few pictures of my teenage years, a college degree from the University of Massachusetts, a digital wall clock, a couple coat hangers where my coat and hat always are, and a sword called a Katana hanging on a display that i train myself sword fighting techniques with in my spare time. On my desk was the feather in the glass containment chamber, my computer which i write all my logs in in the center of the desk, a stack of papers where all my notes during previous experiments were written on before writing them on the computer on the far left, a pen/pencil holder next to the papers, a basket of fruit on the right, next to that a roll of paper towels, and a stapler next to the papers. On the floor to the right of my desk was a waste basket. On the other side of the room was a cot that I use to sleep or rest on during the day if I need to sleep overnight or just to think.

I start thinking about how all this was possible to be the head researcher of the angel project. It is sort of strange because in a way, all of this started with my faith in Christianity. I'm not any specific sect of Christianity but I do believe in god, heaven, and angels. That is why as soon as this discovery was made, I wanted to join this project immediately.

"Max! Open the door, quickly!" Says the person frantically as they continue pounding on the door .

As soon as I hear the person's voice, i immediately recognize it as my assistant's voice. He sounds like something major just happened. I decide to yell back thinking its nothing that important, like somebody poking themselves somewhere with a syringe in the lab.

"What is it Jack?" I yell back. I start to feel little worry about whatever Jack has to tell me. I hope it's good news

"It's an emergency! You have to come to the lab quick!" yells Jack as he stops pounding on my door. He sounds more excited than nervous or scared.

"Okay, I'll be right there." I reply. I think he might actually have some good news for once.

I get out of my brown executive chair and jog towards the door. I open the door, revealing a long hallway with 2 doors on the left, one door on the right, and one door at the end. I jog towards the door on the right. All of a sudden a feel a tug on my white lab coat from behind. Immediately, I fall backwards unable to save myself from the fall. As i feel myself hit the floor, everything goes black.

I wake up feeling like I have just woken up from a night of drinking. As soon as i open my eyes, all I see is a bright light. I hear voices around me but I can't make out what they are saying. I suddenly feel a pain in my head like a headache. After a few seconds i see a dark figure in the light in the shape of half of a human that is horizontal. The rest of the figure is cut off by the left edge of my vision. My hearing comes back and I can finally understand what the figure in front of me is saying.

"Max..can you hear me?"

The voice is definitely that of a female...

" were knocked unconscious..You have been out for about 45 minutes now."

I recognize that's Alicia, the lab nurse. She takes care of any medical problems and accidents that might occur. She said i got knocked out, but how? I don't really remember what happened to me.

"Max, can you get up?" says Alicia. She sounds concerned about me..I don't know why, I don't really know her that well.

I try to get up and eventually sit up straight. I feel Alicia's hand on my back holding me up. All of my senses become normal again. I look over at Alicia.

"How did I get knocked unconscious?" I ask.

"You tripped over a ruffle in the rug while you were running to the lab." She replies.

"Oh boy...oh wait, the emergency! I have to get to the lab!" I say with an increase in tone.

As i try to stand up, Alicia pushes me back down back into a sitting position on the bed.

"You aren't going to the lab right now. I have to check you for concussions first. Someone at your age is especially susceptible to concussions. " says Alicia.

"Alicia, I'm only 23, I'll be fine" I say back to her. I really don't have time for this, I need to find out whats up in the lab.

"I know but I still worry about you. You've spent most of your life here ever since you started working here." Alicia replies. She really sounds concerned about me. I sit there and think about it for a couple seconds.

"Fine...but make it quick, I have to get to the lab." I finally say. I hope this doesn't take too long.

"I know what it is, and it can wait 5 minutes." says Alicia. She has no worry in her voice.

Alicia goes over to the medical cabinets in search of those flashlights with the handles that doctors use to check your eyes and ears. While she is searching, I ask her about what I had to see in the lab.

"It is just a discovery that the government found that pertains to the angel project. They seem to think that this teenage boy who was beaten is somehow an angel. They took the boy and his parents into custody to be questioned and examined by you and your team." explains Alicia.

Alicia finds her flashlight and approaches me.

"Well if we have them here, I guess i can spare 2 seconds for the concussion check." I say. Maybe this won't take long at all.

Alicia flashes her light into my eyes while saying "look straight ahead". I do as she asks and she stares into my eyes for a couple seconds. Then she turns off her flashlight and says I'm okay and can go to the lab now.

I stand up and walk towards the door. As I open the door, I see a hallway similar to the one I saw outside of my office. I look to my right and see the door to the cafeteria. Straight across is a door to the secretary and security guards to keep unauthorized personnel out of the building. I walk outside closing the door behind me. I walk left to the door at the end of the hallway. I open the door to the hallway that leads to the lab and my office. I walk across the hallway to the door labeled "Lab" on it.

"Lab, here we go." I say as I look at the door label.

I open the door showing a huge laboratory. There is a large wall lined with cabinets containing multitudes of chemicals and experiment equipment. There are 4 larger than normal tables with Bunsen burners, desk lights, and any other standard equipment needed for experiments. On the other side of the room I see three people sitting on stools with handcuffs on. There are 4 guards preventing them from escaping. Jack walks in from the hallway i just entered from carrying some papers on a clipboard.

"Max, sorry to hear about your fall." says Jack with slight pity in his voice.

"No need to worry, I'm fine." I reply calmly, as if that whole event never took place.

I take the clipboard and start reading it. As i read it, i walk over to the family that is being guarded. As I approach them, i set the clipboard down on the nearest table. I pull out a stool from under the table and sit on it. Then i drag the clipboard in front of me and continue reading. As I am reading, the person who appears to be the father speaks up.

"Why are we here?" He asks. I can tell he is scared. It wasn't the kind of fear sensed for himself, but for the safety of his family.

As I listen to his question, I finish reading the papers on the clipboard. I look up and look the father in the eyes.

"Judging by this report, there is something strange about your son that we would like to investigate," I say.

"Wait, whats wrong with my son? Is he sick? Did he do something?" Asks the father quickly. He must really care about his son.

"Don't worry, for now I am only going to ask you a series of questions, then we will decide what to do from there." I tell him, trying to be as comforting and straight forward as possible.

I stand up and move to the other side of the table and sit on the table to try and make the family feel a little more comfortable, like we are talking human to human rather than the feeling of scientist to specimen.

"Now, down to business..."

Well there you have it, chapter 1 to my first story ever. I hope you guys like it so far. If this chapter was a bit boring, I apologize. The story will become more exciting as the chapters go on so sit tight. I don't have a set schedule for writing my chapters because I normally don't get a lot of time or influence for some things to happen. It is probably best to check back to this story once every week to check for a new chapter.