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"Okay, as I understand, your son had a strange experience lately." I said calmly, trying to make the family seem as comfortable with answering my questions as possible.

"Yea," said the father quickly after asking my question, almost like he wanted nothing to do with these questions or even being here at all.

"Well do you mind telling me what happened?" I asked hoping he would comply with the question and respond accordingly.

"Before I answer, there is something I noticed as I started actually looking at your face." He said curiously. He seemed like there was something intriguing about me to him.

"What would that be Mr...sorry, what is your name?" I said, trying to find out what he was talking about and learning something to call him by.

"The name is Martoli, John Martoli. My wife's name is Paula and my son's name is Mike." said John, giving me names to call him and his family by.

"Well, nice to meet you John. My name is Max." I said, trying to seem as friendly as possible.

There was a short silence that filled the air. Max and John sat there looking at each other. John looked up and down Max, looking at his entire body. Max had short, dark brown hair a clean shaved face, and blue eyes that resembled the ocean. Max was wearing a white lab coat that was unbuttoned, revealing his blue button-down shirt, a blue striped tie, khaki pants that a businessman would wear to an office, a brown belt, and brown shoes. John noticed that Max stood roughly 5 feet and 9 inches and had some muscle on him to make him look strong, but no where near enough muscle to look like some kind of body builder. Max couldn't tell John's height while John was sitting, but Max could see that John had short, black hair, a brown mustache that was still growing in, and brown eyes. He looked around age 39. John was wearing his uniform that he wore to work at Sysco Food Services. The uniform consisted of dark blue shorts and a dark blue button-down shirt that had John's name sewn on the front and an American flag sewn on the left arm sleeve. He also had a dark blue belt. After the sight standoff, Paula finally spoke up.

"Sorry to interrupt," She said sarcastically, trying to move things along. "Can we please get back to talking about what you think is wrong with my son? I have a life to get back to, you know."

I looked over at Paula. She was wearing a flowery blouse. Her light brown hair was worn down and looked as if she had just got out of bed and didn't take a shower yet. She had a couple tiny wrinkles around her forehead and mouth. She looked more like age 45.

"Sorry ma'am." I replied calmly. The sarcasm didn't really affect me, I can understand how frustrating it must be to be taken away from your daily life and then dragged to a random laboratory being told there is something wrong with your son.

I got the impression that the family didn't like me, but were just trying to be as calm and friendly looking as possible. I didn't let that affect me though.

"So what happened with your son recently?" I asked. As I asked the question, I grabbed the clipboard and the pencil on top of it. I got it ready to write notes down about what they were about to tell me.

I looked over at Mike quickly with my eyes and I noticed he was looking down at his hands on his lap. On the back of his right hand there were a few healing scrapes and dried blood. There was something that was out of the ordinary though. There was a small dot in the middle of one of the scraps that had an odd color to it. It was red like a ruby but was only around the size of the top of a pencil eraser. Mike looked depressed for some reason. Hopefully the story will shed some light as to the strange mark on his hand and to why he's depressed.

"It happened 2 days ago," Paula started explaining, as she stared at the floor. All eyes were on Paula as she started telling Mike's story. "Mike was walking home from school. He has to walk through the center of his town to come home from school, so that's where he was. He had to serve a detention for disrupting his history teacher during a lecture of the Roman Colosseum and…"

"Mom!" Mike yelled infuriatingly. As he yelled this, his head directed its attention to seeing his mother's face. "You don't have to tell him every minor detail about my life!"

"Mike, be quiet. It helps if he knows every detail about what happened to you." Paula explained to her son with slight irritation in her voice, trying to calm him down and keep him quiet. "Sorry about this, Max, he gets frustrated a lot now since the incident."

"Mom, you just did it again!" Mike yelled, once again infuriatingly, still staring at his mother.

"Mike, its okay, its normal to be angry after a major event in your life." I said trying to see if Mike would listen to reason and logic rather than the discipline of his mother.

"Okay…I'll be quiet…sorry about me being rude." Said Mike apologetically, while directing his attention back to his hands, as he originally was.

"As I was saying," said Paula, ready to restart her story again. "As Mike was walking by an alley between two buildings, someone grabbed him and pulled him into the alley. Then they held a knife to his throat and told Mike to give him all of Mike's money. Mike has had a self defense seminar in the past at his school so he knew how to get away. Mike used his leg and thrust it upward behind him, crushing the robber's place where the sun doesn't shine. Then Mike started to run, but the robber started to chase Mike. They ran through town until they got to the park. At the park, Mike started running on the baseball field. He then tripped on a baseball that no one picked up, and landed on home plate. After he tripped, he realized he scraped the back of his right hand from the fall, but didn't pay attention to it. He got up and started running again, but the robber was only about 20 feet behind him, making Mike fear for his life. Mike was growing tired and then the back of his right hand gave a quick flash of red light. Then angel wings sprouted from his back. Once…"

"Wait, wait, wait," I interrupted as my head shot up in the direction of Paula instead of at the clipboard, not believing what she just said with a high pitch tone. "Angel wings sprouted from his back?!"

"Yes," Paula responded calmly but with a little depression in her voice. "At least, that is what Mike told me when he got home afterwards."

I was in shock. I couldn't believe what she was telling me. But because I am a researcher of angels, I have the urge to look into this and examine her son.

"Mr. and Mrs. Martoli, I request that I examine your son's right hand." I demanded with much enthusiasm in my voice. "I need to take a look at him and probably keep him overnight."

Everyone in the Martoli looked up at me and gave a look of shock and discomfort.

"We are going to have to think about it." Said John sternly.

I let out a sigh realizing that I can't just keep their son to examine without their permission. I will just have to wait until they have had enough time to think about it.

"All right," I said in a depressing manor.

I then wrote my office phone number on a corner of a piece of paper form the clip board. I then proceeded to rip off the corner of that paper and handed it to John. He accepted the piece of paper and took a look at it.

"Please, take a night to think about it and give me a call tomorrow at that phone number." I told John, trying to be as persuading as possible to encourage them to call me and let me know their answer.

"We'll call you." Said John in a strict voice, seeming like he just wanted to get away from this place.

"Thank you" I said as I stopped leaning from the table and held out my hand to John, but he refused to shake my hand. I turned my head in the direction of a security guard and said "Make sure these people get tot heir car safely."

After my last remarks to the Martoli family, I exited the laboratory and made my way back to my office, taking the clipboard with me. Once I got to my office door, labeled with my name, I opened it and walked inside. I put the clipboard on my desk and then shut the door. Once I was sure I was alone, I hung my white lab coat on the wall hanger for safe keeping. I went over to my phone, pressed and held a button on the lower right corner labeled 'Secretary', and spoke into the speaker.

"Mary, I'm going to be in my office for the rest of tonight, please make sure no one disturbs me, thank you."

I let go of the button and waited for a couple seconds. Then I heard my secretary's voice ring out of the speaker from the phone.

"Sure thing, Max." She said plainly.

Once I heard this, I took the clipboard on my desk in my hand and made my way to my cot. I sat down on the cot and started to read and reread my notes from hearing the Martoli story.

"Angel wings…but how could they just suddenly sprout from his back?" I asked myself out loud.

I dropped the clipboard onto the floor next to the cot. I then put my hands over my face and started to stretch every part of my body while giving a satisfying sigh. I started to hope that John and Paula would let me examine their son.

"He is the key to the continuation of my research." I said to myself feeling pretty confident about that statement.

After about a half an hour more of thinking about the story, I finally looked over at the clock on the wall.

"9:18 PM…maybe some shut eye will bring some insight to all of this." I said to myself and suddenly feeling tired.

I got out of my cot and went onto my knees next to the cot. I reached under the cot and pulled out a blanket that I use to keep me warm while sleeping or resting at the office. I put the blanket on the cot and stood up. I walked over to a wall hanger and loosened my tie. I put the tie on a wall hanger and walked back to my cot. I kicked off my shoes, not really caring where they ended up. I lie down in my cot and put the blanket over myself and put my hands behind my head.

"I will be better rested tomorrow to think more about all this. Well, goodnight."

As I gave myself the last words of the day, I reached above me and flicked the switch that was on the wall that the head end of my cot was against. The lights went off and I closed my eyes, falling asleep within seconds.