Am I the broken one?

Always on the way down,
Responsible, not because I care
but because you hurting hurts me

Relationship failure.
No hope for success when
Love is only a bad dream

I'm not important,
or so this story goes
Re-written half way through?

Maybe this is getting better,
or more likely I'm becoming

I'm just not real to me
with too many things to keep in check
Why do you bother listening to me?

Drifting out and drowning in my
personal desert.
To many people with my secrets

Hairline fractures spider webbing
my soon to be confetti body.
All blown away with one big gust

I wish you wouldn't lie to me
I'm not what I pretend to be.
Confident in me

Don't tell me that I'm pretty
when we both know that I'm not.
Just average

It's not your fault I'm broken.