In the land of Herriname, the highest honor one can have is to be a true Hero.

The most desired position was to be the poorest man alive, for he was bound to be a hero. You see, only those who were the most unlikely to be chosen could be Heroes, and what is more unlikely than a poor, adventurous peasant?

Those who weren't born with such gifts tried their best to aid those Heroes. The middle class was quite happy to help the Heroes on their way with money, weapons, and the occasional family heirloom. Crones and geezers, no matter how drunk, were revered, for they always gave sound advice. All scholars became Alchemists and Wizards, for they created the amazing weapons Heroes used. Children, from the time they could talk, were pre-classified into potential Heroes, sidekicks, innocent bystanders, villains, knights, minions, rogues, and other such things.

Heaven forbid anyone should be born as rich royalty.

And Austin Jerome Tegan Kaemon Strongarm was born the crown prince of Herriname.

I wrote this story some time ago for a writing competition. I guess the story was too long for the judges, but not too long for you. To ease your reading experience, I've divided it up into several chapters, splitting it at scene breaks. So, some of the chapters are insanely short, others are a good length. This is a satire on Fairy-Tales.

Due to problems with my flash-drive, I'll be slowly posting this story since I figure it will be hard to delete a story once I have it on the internet. See, I only have a hard-copy of it right now and have to type everything again. So, no plot suggestions please.