Chapter Eight

The servants quickly came out to scurry around, fix problems, clean up, and do other various servant-like duties. Stuart's soldiers were quickly taken out by King Aaron's guards, who suddenly decided to be competent for once. Once the castle was cleared out of any invaders, a messenger told the King and the Prince that they were needed outside in the city.

Bright daylight nearly blinded them and the crowd's noise deafened everyone. They cheered for Prince Austin. "Hail Hero Austin! Hail Hero Austin!" they shouted.

"What is this?" Austin asked the messenger.

"Somehow word got back that a little girl was rescued in the forest by someone named Austin. Then a monster named Fear came to a village psychiatrist to complain about his inferiority complex. Apparently he was humiliated by a 'Little Prince Austin.' Oh, and Princess Angelica says she's never seen a Hero that isn't full of himself for once."

"Oh. So, Father, what do I do?" Austin asked over the noise.

"This is the most heroic thin they've seen in hours – I mean years. Generally, Heroes give them a little speech."

"I don't want to give a speech." A look from his father, however, told him that he did. Once the crowd quieted down a little, he began. "All I can say is that not everyone can be a Hero, but we can all be Heroic."