What part of the body holds the most emotion? Some say the brain, because it controls all of what they do. They are wrong. Others say it's the heart. But they are wrong too. Other people say it is the mouth, but they are wrong. It is the eyes. You would squint your eyes in anger or confusion. Your eyes shed tears when you're sad. You would look into someone's eyes to find truth or even love. The answers ly in the eyes.

Chapter 1

The grass was sparkling with the morning dew, and moved as the wind blew gently. The trees swayed, and the birds chirped. The clouds shielded the sun on this dark and gloomy day. A black figure peeked out from behind the tree, and moved swiftly across the lawn.

"Ms. Thompson!"

Ashley turned her attention back to the classroom.


"Please do your work."


Ashley looked down at her paper and sighed at the ridiculously easy math equations Mr. Irish had given for homework. All of a sudden, Ashley felt a tug on her blonde hair. She turned around to see Mandy, her best friend.

Mandy had dark red hair which was let down today. She had lily green eyes that you could stare at for hours. Mandy had moved to California from Arizona in the seventh grade. She was always made fun of, but Ashley made friends with her. They've been best friends since.

"What were you staring at?"

"A squirrel." Ashley lied.

"Oh. What did you get for number ten?"

"X equals 5."


Ashley looked back out of the window and saw the figure once more. He made a signal for her to be hushed. She nodded in a trance.

"Did you get X equals 21 for number twelve?"


Ashley turned back to the window and saw the figure was gone. After class, Ashley made her way over to the lawn. She had a sudden feeling that it was meant that she came to this spot. She walked to the very tree he came out of. She looked down and saw an envelope with her name on it. She bent down and picked it up. Out of nowhere, a pair of hands came over her silver eyes. Ashley stuffed the note in her jacket pocket and turned around. It was Kyle, her boyfriend.

"Hey." She said. Kyle smiled. Kyle had dark brown hair, and always had a twinkle in his eyes. He calls it a gift. His twinkling eyes were part of his charm, and were part of why Ashley said yes last summer when he asked her out.

"Hey." He replied. "What are you doing all the way over here during brunch?"

"Hmmm…I could ask you the same thing." She said sarcastically.

"Mysterious. I like that."

"Don't get too excited boyfriend." Ashley laughed.

"So, shall I see you later tonight?"

"For what?"

"We were going to the movies. Remember? Harry Potter five came out."

"Right! Sorry, I forgot." She said scatter brained.

"You ok, babe?"

Ashley smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Just fine."

"Ok. I'll see you at lunch."

They hugged and made their way to homeroom. Ashley walked to homeroom staring at the ground deep in thought. She wondered what was in the note, and who the black figure was. She thought it might be Kyle, but didn't think he would do something so elaborate for something special.



Amber was Ashley's second best friend. She could tell her things, but not life or death secrets. During the summer, Ashley had confided with Amber and Mandy that she liked Kyle. The next day, it was sent to everyone on myspace, well just her friends, which was practically the whole school. Non other than Amber. And the rumor had gotten to Kyle. Kyle had had an eye on her anyway, but was motivated to ask her out after the rumor had got to him. Amber said she did Ashley a favor, but Ashley didn't see it that way. She let it go, but was annoyed when Amber constantly reminded her it was because of her that Ashley had gotten a boyfriend. Over time, Ashley got used to that too.

"So what's up?" Amber asked. "You weren't online all weekend."

"Sorry, I was a little busy."

A mischievous smirk spread across Amber's face. "With…Kyle?"

"Not like that. And I only saw him once on Saturday."

"Oh. Then what were you doing?"

"Reading. Unlike you, I like to read."

"Ugh. Total turn off. Boys like girls who…"

"Are dumb and have great racks?"

Amber paused. "Yeah, pretty much." She said in a way too perky tone. Ashley gave her a look. "I'm kidding, duh. For someone who's very smart, you sure don't get sarcasm."

"Oh I get it, its just sometimes I'm not sure if you're kidding."

"That's why I'll be a brilliant actress one day."

"Yeah, well slow your roll Sara Lee."

Amber giggled. Ashley excused herself to the bathroom. She walked into one of the bathroom stalls and took out the envelope. She ran her fingers along the edges of the envelope and licked her lips. She slowly opened it, and took out the folded note inside. She unfolded it carefully, making sure not to tear it in any way, shape, or form.

The note read:

Dear Ashley Thompson,

You have never met me, and you don't know anything about me. But I know a lot about you. I know things that could turn your world upside down. It is vital we meet. Soon. Please meet me in the front of the school at 11 o' clock sharp. I intend no harm to you, and hope you come.



Ashley re-read the note a dozen times, frozen with confusion. She wasn't sure what to do. Do I meet him? He could be a murderer, or a rapist, but why would he prey on me specifically? Maybe it was blackmail. But what did I do? I did take that lollipop from that kid once. But I was twelve, and other than that I didn't do anything wrong. Ashley looked at her watch and saw there was only seven more minutes of homeroom. She put the note back in the envelope, and the envelope in her pocket. She walked back to class still confused. She must have been pale or something, because people were giving her stares.

"Are you ok?"

Ashley sat down and didn't answer.

"Are you pregnant?" Amber gasped. Ashley gave her a look.


"Oh. Then what's up?"

"I'd tell you and all, but you'll probably just post it all over the Internet."

"Hey now…I did you a favor missy."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Did Kyle break up with you?" Amber asked holding Ashley's arm.

"No. Me and Kyle are fine." Ashley said calmly.

"Then what?"

Ashley knew Amber would bug her all day, so she lied.



TOM was their code name for their time of the month. Ashley was saved by the bell. She quickly made her way out of the homeroom, and walked to her second period. Thankfully, there was a substitute today in English. Which means a free day.

"Everyone take your seats." Said the substitute kindly and patiently.

Ashley and Mandy sat next to each other in this class. The two of them took their seats. However, the rest of the class didn't.

"Screw you all. Do whatever." She said marking everyone here for the day. They had a perfect student-sub relationship. They do nothing and don't bother her, and she gives the class a good report.

"I got to show you something." Ashley said seriously. Mandy nodded. Ashley pulled the envelope out of her pocket and handed it to Mandy. "It was sent to me. Read it."

Ashley watched her as she read the note. Mandy handed it back and said, "Whoa."

"I know." Ashley said.

"Are you going?"

"I don't know."

"He could be some creep trying to get into your pants."

"Then why me specifically?"

"Maybe he's got a couple other notes on the side. A little somethin' somethin'." Mandy said sarcastically.

"Mandy this is serious."

"Sorry, I don't know. Why don't you have Kyle go with you?"

"No, because he'll never let me go. And he'll tell my parents or something. I'll get mad and he'll tell me it was out of love."

"Then I'll go with you."

"Great…so he can kill both of us."

"Do you want to go or not?"

"I do-"

"Ok, then bring your cell phone. And put 911 on speed dial."

"I already do."

"Cool, and I'm also on speed dial."

Ashley nodded and took a deep breath.

"Oh shit!" Ashley said.

"What now?" Mandy asked.

"Kyle. We were going to the movies tonight."

"What time?"

"At 8:20."


Mandy paused.

"I have an idea. I'll call you at 10:30 to see if you're still at the movies. If you are, then pretend I have some crisis and you need to come over to help me."

"That's brilliant." Ashley giggled with excitement. "You are so my best friend."

"I know. You too."