Why can't I learn to fly?

Why can't I ever soar?

I always try,

But I always ask, "What am I trying for?"

The question that has never left my heart, my mind my soul;

What is missing to to make my puzzle whole?

Why am I not the one to set the spirit free?

Is a Forgotten One all I'll ever be?

Why am I the one who has no special ability?

Why can't I see,

Why can't I try,

On my invisible wings to fly?

All say I have a way to soar,

But I look and see only the bars, ceiling and the floor,

Of this cage called life.

Am I the only one unable to look,

Inside my book,

And see what I am truly?

Am I the only one unable to accept praise, no matter how duly?

How am I the only one who can't see past her rind,

They say I can, but I feel blind.

I cannot see,

Why they think I'm free,

From the pressure of the world.

So here I've been hurled,

So blind, that I can't see,

My so-called peace and harmony.