I step out of the shower and suddenly see
In the mirror, strange marks all over me

Bruises and scars down my legs and arms
Remembering each time I've come into harm

A deep dark dent in the centre of my chest
Recalling the people who stole my best

A long thin scar from my eye down my cheek
For the razor tears I've shed in times I was weak

I have to twist round to see, so I can't be exact
But I think those are stab wounds I see in my back

Down my legs, I touch them and the pain causes screams
Calluses and lesions from the time spent on my knees

Scratches on my arms, six inches long
I punished myself when they said I was wrong

Scars on my knuckles, harder to hide
From punching in fury, pushing out from inside

Wounds commemorating past torture and pain
I guess it was worth it for the strength that I gained

Grab a beauty product that says it makes your skin soft
Hop back in the shower, hope this all washes off.