In the end of things,
When all is silent.
A harbinger wails,
Outs an obscure name:

"Heartbringer! The
Hatred hath bled us!
Bring love where there
Is no more hope!"

The sky rains blood-
Stained daisies, it's
The Neo-Genesis. God
Hath finished Armageddon.

"The Heartbringer,
She comes to heal
The souls behind our
Eyes. Cry blood!"

The repentent are no
More, no longer, nothing.
Fallen angels weep over
A Phoenix, no longer.

"Heartbringer will
Bleed a new ocean!
She will re-lay the
Soil of our Eden!"

There is one thing
To remember as the
Giver has offered us:
"Memories are forever."