soul mate.

oh, my girl

tell me, how was your first love?

we always wait for one kiss that makes us see stars

you thought he was your true love

'cause he looked strong enough to take care of you

but you shouldn't let him strike you

the scrape on your cheek is very small, like an ant

the pain is biggest than the sky full of clouds

wounds in the soul never can be healed

don't love anyone, if you don't love yourself

oh, my girl

you've fallen in love with the wrong guy again

you're going to run into the middle of fear one more time.

soul mate

I think my other half is near

some warmness prevails

bellflowers are blooming

bit by bit the singing reminds me

the sweetness of being wrapped

by loving arms.

oh, my boy

tell me, what it takes to leave the lies

and show me your real?

my love's gonna shape a key to open your heart

so let me to introduce myself

I didn't fall in love with you at first sight

rather, it was an accident or maybe destiny

oh, my boy

can I replace her? I don't want holes in my soul

therefore, I don't love anyone if I don't love "me"

soul mate

I forgot your name

I forgot your face

the latest thing you said

was that I taught you to love

though I didn't learn so much

but I'm not alone anymore

if I'm reborn, I want to love you

more and more

soul mate

I forgot the latest thing you said

are you?

are you?


notes: I want to thank sleeplessblue for helping me check my grammar.