Maybe There's a Plan for Me, Too

Walking the path, shrubs guiding my wayTrees over me, they hang
A cover from the crying clouds of the sky
Flowers rooted in place, drinking themselves full
Flooding, eventually
The occasional tear would fall upon my bare shoulder
And a cold shiver would shake me
I cried until the chapel was in front of me
For the tears of the sky hid my own
Something told me to stop
Maybe God was telling me
"Love never runs away"
And He dried my face
Stroked my hand
For He knew what it was that was causing me to drag
The heaviness of my heart having been glued
From being thrown and stepped upon
At that moment the sky poured and
The earth seemed to open up
And swallow me up
As though He
The strong, mighty one
Was crying from the Heavens
And hugging me from the Earth
He gave me peace
After years of thinking I wasn't in any plan
For "God has a plan for everyone"
Maybe I'm in His plans after all
Danger sinks in when I think of escape
I'm in His plans,
Don't weep