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The moon was nowhere to be seen, although it had been full moon the day before. The sky looked dark and clouds occupied the firmament, burying the stars. The buildings below lied in peace, most of the lights of the apartments turned off already. Two figures are seen from one of the windows…

'At what time do you have to be at the airport?'

'Two O'clock in the afternoon' she answered, her voice almost inaudible. She looked at his eyes filled with grief, reflecting her own feelings.

There was an awkward silence while their gazes were meeting. Both of them hating the way time had escaped from their hands. Both of them wanting to rip the reservation ticket in thousand pieces… She looked at the floor and turned, facing now the open window.

'There are no stars in the sky' she commented softly.

'They'll show up later, we just have to wait some time. They always come back' he assured her.

'I just think they will never shine again' she whispered trying not to cry unsuccessfully. He held her softly.

'They'll shine. They have to, it's the way it should be'

'I wish they could shine always'

'Me too' he sighed. Silence filled the room again, his hands caressing her back 'I trust you and I love you' He smiled sadly at her and wiped her tears with his hand.

'And I do you' she replied, her arms clinging to his back as if her life depended on that simple embrace. Her eyes looking toward the lonely obscure night…