The Significance Of May 21st (Part One)

Slow down, child, your feet deserve a rest.
A man yells encore
before the show's even over.
Yeah, he already wants more.
He wants more.
"Encore, encore!"
but something vague is never played.
And his hair's so long, it's in front of his face.
The boy stand beside me,
he's a freak, but it's cute.
He can't wait.
Can't wait.
Now he's throwing flowers off the stage,
but we don't catch one.
Instead, I wake up, and realize
his lips are on my lips.
He's who he was before.
And his guitar's smashed on the floor.
Oh, wait, I'm waking up again.
Nope, we're just in line to get out the
I feel like shit, but I want more.
I want more.
Want more.