Maybe in Death

Infiltrate me with foggy passion you push away
From your present thoughts
Can't tell yourself the truth
Love is still breathing
A weed is still alive
But barely growing
And I'll wish you would hit me
Rather than ignore me
I'm like some far off planet
Out of our home solar system
You and I, both still live in
But I'm a ghost now in your living world
I'll wish I was in my heaven
My custom fit heaven
Filled with all things that pump content
Feelings in my blood
Your face will be everywhere
Your scent, in the air I breathe
And when I'll sleep
I'll hear "I love you"
In your sweet voice
Your Icy Blues,
Well that's one thing I can't have
One thing no one can replicate
But sweet Grace herself
And perhaps she and I will be joined
But only if you infiltrate me
If you'll stop the denying of love
Metamorphosis your thoughts
You won't
Perhaps in death we will meet again