Chapter Two - 2007, School

Hitotoki was just your average half Japanese half English sixteen year old kid in an average Private school… well ok, maybe not average, but he was pretty normal anyway.

His parents were top marketers in an electronics company and earned quiet a large pay check, unfortunately for Toki this meant his parents were hardly ever around, and so he was shipped to a private school.

Like I said, he was just an average kid. But when in a private school, being average isn't good enough. And instead of "Bully the Dumb Kid" its "bully the Kid who doesn't get perfect grades" he only had two real friends, two other average kids with pretty much the same circumstances as him. Rich parents and no love. Simon the one who thought everything through and generally made sure the others knew what they were doing. And Georgina the energetic girl, who preferred to be called Georgie. She was one of those girls who never seemed to appreciate there own beauty; she was also a very messy eater.

"Come on, get your ass up, we're going to be late. Again!" Simon dragged Toki from his bed and he hit the floor with a thud.

"I don't wanna go to school today…" mumbled Toki curling up into a ball on the floor.

"Your already in school you dunce" he prodded him with his foot. "Get your self sorted, we've got a fencing test today. And you know Cassie is going to destroy us, so can we at least be on time so she doesn't have more reason to kill us?" Simon prodded Toki again and started to put his fencing gear into his bag.

"She's not all that great… I can take her this time, I know I can…" Toki pulled himself up from the floor, yawned and starched his head. "Now where did I put my clothes…" he suddenly went red and realized with horror he was stark naked. He quickly pulled the duvet up to cover himself and Simon laughed.

"You know, I always thought those rumors that Cassie started about you couldn't possibly be true, but now im wondering how she knew…" he laughed again, slung his bag across his back and picked up his rapier.

"Shut up! It's just cold in here and your hardly the best stimulus… wait, what rumors!?"

"Just get a move on, maybe you can show the rest of the class your skills with your little sword?" he laughed loudly and walked out of the dorm, making sure to leave the door wide open to the passing students.

"Son of a…" Toki hitched up the duvet around him self and hopped slowly towards the door; just as he neared he tripped and fell. As he went down everything seemed to slow down. It was strange, he could see himself fall slowly; see that his head was going to slam right into the corner of his desk. The corners were capped with metal as so to avoid them wearing off.

He knew, as sure as he was falling, that he was going to hit the table and it was going to be bad. He slowly raised his arms in a vein attempted to protect him self but he could tell it was going to be far to late, then suddenly he was yanked to the side and ended up led on his back in the door way.

"What the hell just…" he stopped as he heard a rumbling kind of roar in the distance. As everything returned to its normal speed he realized it was the sound of laughter. After all he was led completely naked in the corridor of a school populated with teenagers. What else could they possibly be laughing at? It didn't help the fact he was face up…

He quickly pulled himself off the floor for a second time in the past few minuets, dived into his room and slammed to door behind him shut.

The laughter still followed him ten minuets later as he entered his fencing class. Late. Again.

"Toki, late again I see" the teacher stood in the center of her large open classroom in full fencing gear. "Your just in time for the test at least, you don't really need to know about any of the safety. After all you're late so often you could probably recite the code of conduct for the class from memory. Now get your gear on and stand to attention!" she accented each of her words with a swipe of the deadly looking rapier in her hands.

To the class's clear annoyance, after Toki was ready, the teacher went through the safety aspects of fencing with added boredom. Now Toki knew he was in for it during the test, and he had to be partnered with Cassie… she was the regional fencing champion and well on the way to becoming the worlds best, and didn't she know it. She was going to make Toki suffer for making her listen to the safety speech, again.

"Well, considering you didn't seem too exited about coming to our little lesson today Toki. You and Cassie can go up first. Toki groaned and stepped forwards into the ring. Cassie on the other hand silently stepped forwards and picked up her helmet.

She was a pretty girl, one of the ones who knew it. She was also, as they say, like the village bike… you know the saying… everyone's had a ride? Not that good? Oh be quiet… anyway... She had the long blonde hair, the tons of makeup and of course the overly large boobs.

She was the typical stereotype get around, problem is, she was also the toughest girl in the school. She had more than one guy in hospital and I think there was even a case where she turned a guy gay… but that's for a different time. She's evil, she's a slut. You get the point.

Cassie put the helmet on and faced Toki.

"Ready to die?" even with the helmet Toki could tell she was smirking with delight, she knew she was lucky at getting the worst fencer in the class. Much more fun for her to destroy.

"En Guard!" Cassie stepped forwards and Toki groaned, raising his rapier up in a defensive jester.