She lifts her cracked hands up towards
The sun vibrating bloody yellow
Rays of disaster and her breath sticks
To the sides of her mouth gooey
Words plastered to her tongue but
Never spoken because she is always
Afraid no one will listen to a voice lost
Centered in the ocean and ready to
Drown gasping while burning bodies are
Grabbing at her pulsing throat until she
Is submerged in the sea of conformity

She wraps her fingers around a
Broken piece of mirror that reflects
Murdered babies her eyes and hollow
People so dead but still breathing and
Something dies inside of her while
Images flash horrific scenes she
Never could have created in her own
Imagination but plague the world that
Very moment overwhelming her
Own soul can't take the dismal
Realities and her heart falls away

She has nothing but skin pulled
Across her dust covered skeleton and
A pen between her fingertips so
Words become of symphony of
Dismay and tragedy the everything and
Nothing she can only and never know