Sharp Sting


Madaline; 30 yrs Old

(Alcoholic, Drug Abuser, Abusive, Single Mother)

Anberlin; 16 yrs old

(Abused, Quiet, Lonely Daughter who reverts to her teddy bear for answers)

Kim; 16 Yrs old

(Anberlin's Best friend who judges Anberlin on how she acts)

Ryan; 17 yrs old

(Anberlin's Boyfriend)

Mike; 39 yrs old

(Anberlin's Father)


Mother Yells At Anberlin

Anberlin cries in her clothest.

Madaline passes out on the couch.

Ryan breaks up with Anberline.

Kim inbaresses Anberline

Mike ignores Anberlin

Scene 1: Nasty Lovely Morning

In the house, from Anberlin's room too the Living room. About 11:30 to 12:00, Character's involve Anberline, Madaline, Random Guy.

Nasty Lovely Morning

Late at night, the TV light reflects against the living room wall, also reflecting through the small crack of my door. I wake up rubbing my eyes, knowing its late, knowing I don't have to get for probably 2 more hours, knowing all of this I look at the clock anyways, 11:30 a.m. Just to make sure I look at my pooh watch. My watch says 2:00 a.m, my watch is probably right, the clock on my dresser is flickering so that explains the messed up time.

In the background I can hear some one laughing. And different color light flickers into my room. I can't go to sleep, so! I get up to go see what's going on.

Anberlin: ( I should just stay in my room, I really should! I know what's out here, I know its bad. So why am I still walking?) Ready set go!

I don't even have to walk 3 feet, not even 2. I can tell what's going on. I do this too myself.

Anberlin: Mom! Do you mind I'm trying to sleep! You know its that thing normal people do!

All She does is look at me. She gives me the usual someone's over look say hi and be nice. Gosh why don't I just act like her and give it up! Better yet why not just give them my leg! I won't need it seince I'll be on my back for the rest of my life! ...she makes me angry...

Madaline: Hunny! Be nice and say hi too...too?...Kevin! No ...John! Show John how sweet you are!

Anberline: (Standing still, I speak with an attitude) Hi John! My name is ANBERLINE! That's A.n.b.e.r.l.i.n.e. I'm allergic to scum, and dirt! So if I start to break out and have a heart attack when you try to hug me its because of-

Madaline: ( Angry) ANBERLINE! Act right,... tell Tony about your self.

Anberline: I like animals, school, fresh air, and Music. Now that you know me! I would be nice and introduce my mother but as you and I can both see you've come to know her in and out!

My mom Stood up and came towards me, to hit me as always. Then she'll say "I'm so sorry what have I done! My baby!" hug my tight and whisper into my ear "go away and don't fuck this up you little bitch!".

Anberline: (I usual do what I'm about to but what the hell, she'll beat me anyways) Hey Tony! John, Kevin...oh no wait its Ron right? Oh well sorry she's had so many men over I can't tell who's who anymore! ( I can tell she looking at me with discuss. Not my fault she had me! )

Madaline: (yelling) You ungrateful little bitch, If I didn't have you! you've screwed up my life. Ugly whore! Get out of my sight! YOU Wait, Till I get home from work!!! You WAIT!