Ugh. It's past midnight… again.

Why can't I stop thinking about him?


Ugh. At least all homework is done.

Perhaps not all, but I've got time.


I'm told to sleep.

To sleep? I wish.


There's nothing left for me to do…

But sit, and type my soul.


The click of my keyboard is so soothing.

But I can't fall asleep.

Not Yet.


Ugh. I have school tomorrow still.

Why can't summer arrive any faster?


The leaves are already green,

The sun already shines bright, warm.


And yet, I lay here, restless.

Unable to stop my thoughts of you.

Thoughts I wish would simply put me to sleep.


There must be something wrong with me, I conclude.

Or perhaps there's simply something wrong with you.


Ugh. These thoughts just won't recede.

They coax, provoke and just might succeed.


After all, it's after midnight.

Anything could happen now.