He was dying.

Both of them knew it, and she was powerless to save him.

She was in love with him, but had never told him.

Now, that love would never be returned.

They would never go out on dates, never decide to get married, have kids, or grow old together.

No staying out after curfew, no stolen kisses on the doorstep, he would never sneak into her room after her parents were asleep for a forbidden night of passion.

Regret, sadness, and an all-encompassing sense of loss and despair swelled within her, tears streaming from her eyes, as his life-force bled from him into a growing crimson pool, and stained her jeans and white blouse an ugly red.

They had met today by chance as they were out walking, though she had seen him many times at school.

They were standing on the side of the trail talking, when a man with a knife had emerged from the forest, and demanded that they go with him back into the woods. They did, and after a short distance, he told them to stop, and her to get undressed.

That's when Sean charged him.

After a struggle, the man ran, and Sean fell, bleeding.

Her cell phone lay forgotten, the puddle of blood slowly reached, and then passed it.

Suddenly, his eyes opened and met hers.

"Jennifer, I've wanted to tell you, for such a long time, but now, it's too late. Still, I want you to know. I love you."

His eyes went dark as sirens grew to fill the air.

A month later, Jennifer's mom went to wake her, and found her laying on her bed, a peaceful look on her face, and a piece of paper next to her.

The empty pill bottle was still on her nightstand.

The three word note read:

We're finally together.