Title: The Mirror & Reflections

Summary: Midnight, Will, Irma and Viola are best friends and went to the same school, Heatherfield High. But a week later, they sense something very strange. They've become more magical. Midnight can suddenly talk to machines. Will can make things happen by just thinking about it. Irma can make people do something while just saying it in her mind. Viola can bring back others memories. And suddenly, four new boys came. Very hot boys I might add. One suddenly caught Midnight's interests. One obviously likes Will. One makes Irma so mad that they became enemies. One was Viola's childhood friend. The boys are best friends, just like the girls. But when things suddenly became strange, the boys knew that they had found what they were looking for. What happen when each of them fell in love? What happen when one betrayed one? What happen when things became hectic? What happens when another starts fighting another? What happen if one regrets what they had done that one almost died? What worse that could happen? But what can they do? Die or save their love ones. Especially the one they love most…


Midnight McNeil

Caleb Collins

Will Whole

Philip Pole

Irma Ice

Luke Lair

Viola Venom

Sam Snot

Midnight McNeil: She's sweet, helpful, kind to everybody but sometimes you need to watch out, she has a very, I mean very bad temper. She has good grades, score A+ in all of her mid-terms. She has dreams to be a singer and a famous DJ. And don't forget, she's powerful. Speaking of powerful, she has unexpected powers coming. She's becoming more strange than ever. She might have a relationship with lightning, that is. Strange that she can even talk to machines….what's happening? When she looked at a mirror, she sees a whole new person. With wings. Lightning bolt on her hands…she was a whole new person….

Caleb Collins: A boy that has powers himself and an apprentice of the Veil. He is given orders to see who the new Guardians are. He has powers of Earth. He can make plants grow faster and can make an earthquake. He's the bravest warrior of the Veil. When he had found out one of the Guardians, Midnight, he immediately fall for her. He didn't know that this could affect himself. What will Caleb do?

Will Whole: She's cool and never drools. She's the kind of a Drama Queen. She loves shopping and making guys drool over her. She even loves it if one thousand guys follow her around. She said they could be her servants. Wow, talk about bad luck with the boys. But Will isn't bad. She's always like that so there's no point saying she's bad. Her powers are fire. She never noticed it but when a stranger accidentally burns down the school, she can go through the fire. Will looked at her in the mirror and saw a whole new girl.

Philip Pole: What a weird last name, Pole. He's kind of a rock and roll person. Thinks he's handsome and girls can't live without him. But he's not a bad guy. He's just…like that. Hmm…sounds similar with Will, huh? His powers are Speed. He runs, jumps, with Speed. He's the most punctual and is never late for dinners, school or meeting friends. He's cool and friends with Caleb. He's a warrior too and need to find the Guardian too. He had found one named Will…what'll he say when he has a major crushed on her?

Irma Ice: Nope, her powers are not ice so don't judge it by the last name. She may not be ice but she can control water. Big waves, large fountains. Of course she never figured it out that she has powers until she noticed that she can create rain. Anything that provide water. It was kind of weird for her but when she found out that she can make up excuses, go to school late because of the rain, mess up her little annoying brother, she's all for it!

Not to mention, she's a blabbermouth.

Luke Lair: He's….the same with Irma. A blabbermouth but control ice. Water and Ice. Make a good couple, huh? His powers are Ice and he can make any rain stopped. He's a good guy but hates when he's late for anything. Makes Irma mad and became kind of an enemy. They may be enemies but things are going to go good…right? Oh, I hope I'm not wrong! But I am….

Viola Venom: New girl and became best of friends with Midnight, Will and Irma right away. Her powers? Her powers are Air. She can make tornadoes, cyclone, and all sorts of thing that involves air. How did she know? Well, let's say that she was doing a Science project but accidentally broke the glass that filled with salt of water. She quickly blows all the water, in just three seconds the water completely disappeared. How did she do it? She doesn't know. What could happen?

Sam Snot: He's ok, quite nerdy but still ok. He's a warrior like all the three boys and childhood friend of Viola. He's powers are Strength. He can carry tons of bricks and the most fit out off all three boys. He's one year older than everyone and has a little crush on Viola. No, not little, huge. What worse could have happen right? But too bad Viola likes someone else but she won't say who it is. He thinks that it is Garry Moore, her old crush but wow is he wrong!


Fateful- Midnight, Will, Irma, Viola

Dark Dreamers- Caleb, Philip, Luke, Sam

Fateful: Midnight is the lead singer and she can play any instrument but her best is the piano. Will is the drummer. She can play any guitar and her favorite instrument is the drums. Irma is the one who plays the keyboard. She can play the electric guitar and she loves playing the flute. Viola is the one who played the bass. She can play the piano and play the drums and guitar. The best is her guitar. All of them can sing but Midnight is the only one who sings. Some of their songs they sing along. And sometimes, they don't use their instrument; they used something special to create special sounds and voice.

Dark Dreamers: Caleb is the lead singer and he's the best in playing the guitar. Philip is the drummer and obviously, he's the best in drums. Luke is the one playing the keyboard, but he's the best in playing the trumpet. Sam is the bass. He's amazing in playing bass and a good singer. Like Fateful, they all can sing but the lead singer is always the one who sings most but this is different.

School: Heatherfield High

School Scheduled:

1st Period - English - Mr. Ole

2nd Period – Math – Miss Titan

3rd Period – Biology – Madam. Susan

4th Period – Free Period – Mr. Trawl

5th Period – History – Mr. Wong

6th Period – Cooking – Miss. Lee

Grade: Midnight, Caleb, Will, Philip, Irma, Luke, Viola is a Junior. Sam is a Senior.

Enemies: Lacey Hale and her slutty friends. Others that insult their friends, families or themselves.

Friends: Anybody who's nice to them, help them and understanding.

Couples: Midnight/Caleb, Will/Philip, Irma/Luke, Viola/Sam

Age: The girls are 16; the boys are 16 turning 17 except Sam since he's turning 18.

Clique: They are all smart but not geek and all normal people but known to the school.

A/N: Hey, remember, THIS IS NOT A STORY!!! Well, this is a story but I'm just giving a little stuff about an idea I thought about. What do you think? Is it good? I just want your opinion if you think that it's good and you want me to do a story about it, then I'll do it. But if you don't. Then I don't. I'll be doing more of this just to let you know. Hope you'll like it! Luv ya!


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