Title: Chemistry

Summary: Krista and Jared have nothing in common. Nothing. But when they need to sing together karaoke at a club called 'Chemistry', they discovered their love for singing. But they never get along. And that's what they say; they are enemies since they met. What make them became enemies? Well, maybe if you didn't splattered mud on their body on picture day, they might be your friend already. Or not. This could be the start of something new. It feels so right to be here with you. Ohh…and now, looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart, the start of something new…


Krista Kirk

Jared Johnson

Madison Moonie

Krista Kirk: Krista Kirk is a responsible, smart, beautiful High School girl. She loves dancing and she's the DJ for her school. She loves hanging out with her friends at a club called 'Chemistry' and at a relaxing place or to drink coffee, 'Starbucks'. She loves chatting online with her friends or chatting on the phone, now that's longer. How much is the bill!

Jared Johnson: Let's say that Jared Johnson is cool guy and a he has a love of dancing. He's the hottest jock in his school and girls love drooling over him. And don't forget, he's an enemy of Krista. Gasp!

Madison Moonie: She's sweet and very helpful. She's the best friend of Krista. She love partying and dancing like Krista. She also has hatred for Jared's best friend. Wow.

School: Sacred High

School Scheduled:

1st Period - English - Mr. Ole

2nd Period – Math – Miss Titan

3rd Period – Biology – Madam. Susan

4th Period – Free Period – Mr. Trawl

5th Period – History – Mr. Wong

6th Period – Cooking – Miss. Lee

Grade: They are all Juniors.

Enemies: Same old, same old. The ones who insult them and blah, blah, blah.

Friends: Same, the ones who are nice to them and blah, blah, blah.

Couples: Guess???

Age: 16 turning 17.

Clique: Jared is a jock so his popular. Krista and Madison are well, so-called the losers.

A/N: Well, that's all. I know, its so……..short. Lol. But that's because there's only 3 main persons. Lol. Well, enjoy! Tell me if it's bad or good.