It is the next day, all the destruction from earlier remains but has been swept up a little. Joe is sitting on the couch with his leg in a cast, looking very unhappy. Mary is busing herself with cleaning up the mess. The doorbell rings. Mary opens the door it is Poorman with a utility belt and tools, clearly ready to do some work

Poorman: Ah! Hello again Mrs. Worthington! Last night ended on such a bad note, with Joe's leg and, well, everything else breaking, I felt it was my duty to stop on by and mend old wounds, or, at least help make repairs around the house, I am quite skilled in the art of carpentry.

Mary: Oh, isn't that nice of you. To Joe Isn't it Joseph?

Joe simply mumbles in reply

Poorman: To Joe I feel it imperative to apologize, Joe, suddenly looks hopeful I was unaware that you despised that song on the radio so much. Joe looks very angry and shakily rises to his feet

Joe: You just don't get it, do you?

Mary: Joe, don't even think about it.

Joe: No Mary! He has to know about it!

Poorman: I must agree with you Joseph. I can't very well get Air quotes it if I don't know about Air quotes it.

Mary: to Poorman No, you don't have to know about it. To Joe Don't you dare Joe!

Joe: No! I will! Turns to Poorman May 3, 1999, you called me a failure.

Mary: in defeat Oh, not again!

Poorman: A failure you say? he looks deep in thought Well, I don't quite recall... He begins to scratch his head. Joe makes hopeful hand movements. I don't think... he continues to look confused and thoughtful. May third, you say?

Joe: Fed up with this You were talking to your secretary, next to the water cooler, and you had just eaten a candy bar out of the vending machine. It cost 75 cents and you were talking about how candy prices were different in Mockingly Jolly Ol' England and then you said, 'Joe Worthington is a failure'

Poorman: Looks confused for a moment but the it seems something dawns on him. Oh! I do believe I know what you're talking about. Joe begins to look happy. But I'm afraid you're dreadfully mistaken. Joe looks angry again you see, I believe I was talking about my cousin, Joe Murkington. The poor chap has hardly enough to buy his own food. It's all his own doing. You see... Joe begins to sputter angrily, looking like he's about to explode

Mary: cautiously Joe? Don't do anything you'll regret.

Joe: Through his teeth don't...worry...Mary. I...won't...REGRET IT! He picks up a nearby letter opener and charges at Poorman in a way similar to his earlier attack. After cornering Poorman again by a window he makes a final lunge and again fell through the window. Ohhhhhh! My-my back!

Dim lights and close curtains