Prophecy of Oldai

I couldn't think, couldn't speak. I could not find words to express the anger, and the hate that I felt; not for the thing that had taken my family away from me, but Alexander for not telling me sooner that the monster was in town.

A lot has been hidden from me over the past years, and they always thought I would never find out about it. Like my heritage, that I come from a long line of gipsy's, and once I confronted them, they told me I should not disown it but embrace the good and the bad. They never tell me why, but the Council of Slayers always had an agenda of their own.

Don't worry, Slayers can take care of themselves; it should be us who are worrying about our fate and our future upon those devils!

It was the same thing every time, they despised that I knew a Night Walker on a personal level, and somewhere deep down inside of me, I did too. Alexander though had kept me alive for many years.

Tick. Tick. Tick. I could hear the clock ticking behind me, as if it were telling me to make a move, and make it fast. Alexander had left me hours ago sitting on my couch, alone in my two bedroom apartment. I couldn't do much more than sit here in what seems like a trance, my mind always quickly working, assessing what I had to do even before the time was before me.

I kept replaying the moments just a few hours before in my mind. Alexander had said this was a matter for someone stronger than me, what does that mean? I am a Slayer and my strength rivals that of a Night Walker, and yet, Alexander always avoids in the question of his age. And why did the vampires in the club all bow down to him as if he were an Ancient?

Ancients are rumored to be able to walk into day light, but never do, which I've never understood why they haven't. I would, in a heartbeat…or lack of one. Ancients are powerful, too evil to be stopped by me or any other Slayer. It says in the Book of Oldai, the first Slayer, that in order to kill an Ancient, that the Slayer most poison themselves with good then let the Ancient drink from them; but even then there is no guarantee that it'll work. I guess that's just the catch to everything. And what does it mean poison themselves with good? Another riddle.

I didn't live this long to be taken down by an Ancient, nope, sorry. I sat quickly, slowing my mind, stopping my thoughts from taking over and devouring my mind as they normally does. I always relied on my mind because it was different from other people's minds. It was quick; everything acted as a reflex as if it were just my nature and not even a thought. It's kind of scary that sometimes I even amaze myself at what I can do and the power that I hold.

I certainly didn't ask for th…

Knock, Knock, Knock. Sounded from the door. I silently cursed for whoever it was; was interrupting my thoughts, but I knew who it was even before I opened the door.

A petite woman stood there at my door, short plaid mini-skit, with a spike bracelet covering both of her wrists', and a hot pink corset, that revealed a little too much.

She greeted me as we always did all damn chipper as if there wasn't a problem in the world that concerned her.

"Hello there Adrienne!" I held the door open for her, and she skipped into the room.

"Hello to you too, Alice. What brings you here? To my apartment…tonight." Alice looked at me and rolled her eyes, knowing that she caught the sarcasm but ignored it otherwise. She walked over to me and grabbed my arms, holding them tightly…There was something different about her. I had known her for years, but there was just something different.

Then before it could click in my mind, sometime hit the side of my head, and I fell to the floor, where I felt a warm, sticky fluid running down the side of my face before blackness took over.

Several Hours Later

My head was pounding…I knew that before I tried to open my eyes. I cracked my eyes and they were flooded with light, sending new waves of pain through my head.

"Don't move too fast…might faint again." A voice came from the light. Snippy as if almost arrogant, filled with hatred for me. With a little more bravery, I sat up, slow enough now to engulf the darkness.

"Trust me, I won't. Is that the way you have to take someone? By blinding them? Only a coward or a weak vampire would do that." I shouted.

A few seconds later I heard them grunt in frustration and felt another wave of pain go through my head as a hand collided with it.

"Please Alice, do not hurt our guest. We have much use for her." A man spoke from the darkness, where the light failed to touch and would probably never. Everything in the room went dark, but there were no blinds, no curtains, nothing to hide the sun, yet no light seeped through the windows.

The man stood before me before kneeling down to take my hand, and help me stand.

"I am sorry for the trouble you have ensued getting here. But first, where are my manners, let me introduce myself. I am an Ancient, and my name, you do not need to know. Where is my brother?"

I looked puzzled, eying him in a confused dazed. Realization hit his face that I did not know who he was talking about. Thank god, at least he believes me and doesn't beat the crap out of me. He shook his head and sighed.

"You do not know?" I shook my head. I seriously did not know.

"Listen, while this is all fine and dandy, I have no idea who you are talking about. I think I should probably just leave." I started to walk away, but I felt like I hit a brick wall.

"Do not mistake my hospitality for anything other than finding information. You are no more to me then her," he said, turning and pointing to Alice.

"Who is your brother? I'm really lost right now. What is my purpose for being here?" His eyes seemed to glow a violent red before slowly returning to their normal color.

"My purpose is my own. You are now under my command, Adrienne. You will find my brother or face a fate far worse than death for a Slayer. Then they will hunt you down like they do us, but our time is coming, and no more shall we be confined like raging beasts."

"How will I find him if I do not know who he is?" I questioned.

"Such blindness can only come from a human, the irony that it comes from a Slayer as well. Can you not see?" I stared a few minutes later back at him.

"I honestly cannot. I'm so freaking lost." He stared at me, visibly starting to shake as his anger took over. He closed his eyes before slowly calming himself down.

He turned and faced Alice, before talking, almost inaudibly to her.

"You will know soon enough. I will find you, when I am ready. You better hope that he will be ready too, else your life will end with his." He whispered into my ear, and my eyes got heavy to the point where I could not force them to stay open. I drifted quickly into the darkness again.

I remember nothing from the time that I left there from the time I felt someone shaking me, repeating my name over and over. I started to groan until I realized it was Alexander trying to wake me up.

"Geeeez, can't a gal sleep around here?" I said frustrated and so tired. I curled up into a ball; hoping that sleep would claim me once more. Until I felt ice cold water being poured onto my face. Then…I was awake.

"What the fu… is your problem?" I yelled startled by the coldness of the water. Alexander glanced at me, looking cool and collected like he normally did.

"Mon Amour, I found you lying here and could not get you to wake up. I have been trying for several hours and I was beginning to get worried." I blinked several times and feeling kind of bad that I had yelled at him.

"Oh. Didn't know that." A pain throbbed my head and I quickly grabbed in, clenching it between my hands.

" God my head hurts, I don't remember what happened. One minute I was sitting on the couch thinking, I walked up to answer the door, Alice was there. Then…Alice was there, and we were talking. Then nothing."

"Mon Amour, I do not understand what you mean. What of Alice?"

I sighed, as the events of the previous night came hurling back at me.

"I don't know, Alexander. I think she was there, and there was some man who claimed he was an Ancient and I was to find his brother. Whatever that freaking means. Seriously, leave it to vampires to be the most cryptic bastards!"

"Are you should he was an Ancient?" I looked at him as if he had grown two heads.

"No I'm not, because I've never met one before Alexander! But I started to stand up, and just felt like I hit a brick wall, and I couldn't move. He said something about if that his brother better be ready, and if he wasn't, my life would end with his, then he whispered something into my ear and I can't remember anything after that." I slid back to the floor, I was an independent person and the fact that I got out smarted and kidnapped proved how vulnerable I really was and it pissed me off.

"Do not anger him. He is far more powerful than you can imagine. Think of him as kind to have let you live. Do you think Alice might have received the same fate as you?" I looked up from the floor, my eyes drawn wide.

"Alice is dead?" Alice was the only person that I always got a long with. She was also my next door neighbor and the thought she was dead upset me.

"Yes, Mon Amour, she is indeed gone from this world altogether. Did the Ancient say what his name was?"

"No, he didn't. He said that I didn't need to know what it was. I don't know what to do, and at this rate, I'll be dead before the end of the week." Alexander cupped my face.

"Mon Amour, you will not die; not while I still walk in this realm. Do not worry about the Ancient. I know who he seeks, and he shall find what he wants." I was puzzled, confused, and definitely getting the run around from everyone.

"Who does he want?" Alexander started to get up to leave, but I grabbed his arm, painfully tightening the grip. I glared at him.

"You can lie or avoid the question about your age or personal questions, but now it involves me, and I'm not letting you walk out without telling me. Who does he want?"

Alexander stared at me for a couple seconds debating on whether he wanted to fight me or give in.

"He wants me, Mon Amour." Alexander broke my grip before walking out, leaving me facing the open door; stunned.

Meaning Behind the Words

Ancients : Ancients are the oldest vampires in Slayer recorded history. They are believed to be as old as the beginning of time, and hold incredible power which can be held back and can be very deceiving when need be. It is rumored in the Slayer world that the only way to kill them is by poisoning the Slayer and the Ancient drinking the Slayer dry, killing not only the Ancient but the Slayer themselves too. Ancients have the gift of sight, which means they are able to see into the immediate future.

Oldai: Oldai is believed to be the 1st Slayer ever known or recorded. Oldai also is believed to be the strongest and to have lived the longest to age twenty-one. Oldai had the gift of sight, but could see many years into the future. She is rumored to still be alive, waiting for the time when she is needed again. It is believed if you make it to your 21st birthday, that you never age and are granted immortality.

Prophecy of Oldai: Oldai prophesized that a vampire would protect a Slayer for as long as he lived, and that this Slayer, would be more powerful than any Slayer or Night Walker, but he would hold sway over her, and would claim her for his own. Oldai also prophesized that the Slayer would save the world from an evil that should not exist, that not even the devil itself would welcome into the mouth of hell, but in turn would make her what she fears the most.

The Council of Slayers: The Council is made up of seventeen members. The Council first and forth most cares about the politics rather than taking care of the Slayers or ensuring their lives are not ended early. They are against Adrienne because of what the Prophecy of Oldai says, but they cannot kill her simply because she is a Slayer, and the last of her kind. And for this Adrienne uses it to her advantage to speak her mind whenever she deems necessary. The Council knows the truth about Adrienne's family and her coming into her Slayer powers (as Slayers are not born with them, they are given them), and they also know the Night Walker that swore to protect her.