The Origins of the Universe: Big Bang Overthrowed

Dare I say that this is long overdue for discussion? I do. How many people have ever taken just a quick glance at the stars? Or maybe skimmed through a textbook on the cosmos? Ever noticed how perfectly aligned everything is? And what isn't aligned, is without explanation?

A professor of mine, a wise man with a wealth of experience, was lecturing us on the principle idea behind good hypotheses and theories, specifically conjectured models. He spoke firmly, he spoke truthfully: "Always, the simple solution is probably the right solution." It was later in the course that I learned that he was not a good tenet of that belief. Like most people, he cannot begin to accept that there may be a God who created everything and that He may be what scientists are looking for and not finding.

The truth of the matter is this: the simplest explanation of the universe's origins is not Big Bang or any other crackpot theory. It is that God created the heavens and the earth, the universe and all that lies beyond its boundaries. Leaving it up to random chance, it's like dropping a pile of scrap metal on the moon and getting an interstellar spacecraft.

There are some things that typical "science" can explain. I acknowledge this with extreme hesitation; however, because I find it crucial to point out that conversely, there are just as many things that typical "science" cannot explain. For instance, it can readily give an explanation as to why the universe is expanding, but for some reason has no idea of why it is accelerating.

Or what about black holes? God threw in that wrench just to make typical scientists look like jerks, I think.

The Creationist view offers something to account for it, however. By definition, the universe is a closed system of energy. You cannot put any energy in or take any out, unless you live outside the universe. Since no human lives outside the confines of the universe, and since traditional science denounces a higher Power, the universe cannot possibly be accelerating because there is no outside influence to exert a force on the universe (and what a tremendous force it would have to be!).

Newton's Second Law: A) An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by an outside force and B) an object in motion will remain in motion (without changing its velocity or direction) unless acted upon by an outside force.

What outside force could be acting on the universe to make it accelerate? There is only a single, simple explanation for it. Only God lives outside the realm of our existence, and only God could be powerful enough to act on an entire universe. Science has yet to catch up to this startling new development.

There are other examples, however, which are much closer to home. Take the moon and the sun. As seen from Earth, the sun and moon take up approximately the same amount of the sky (the same amount as the tip of one's pinky finger held out at arm's length). Given this, we have many opportunities to witness eclipses (a glorious moment indeed for both layman and scientist) where we can view the sun's corona. How many planets can boast this phenomenon? Only Earth so far as we know.

So how could happenstance lead to such a miracle as that? Given that the universe is supposedly fifteen billion years old, and it all started from one singularly gigantic explosion of all the matter in the universe, then take into account that the sun formed in about two hundred million years, and the planets formed in succession after that, and of course their moons subsequently after that, it seems rather far fetched. Whatever happened to simplicity?

And just how could an explosion cause creation? Explosions are, by nature, destructive forces, not constructive as "scientists" might have you believe.

Looking even closer, at just the moon in particular, it seems to be in the perfect position to misdirect asteroids and deflect them from our planet. If that is coupled that with the gas giants, then we have a safety net that is unparalleled with any in the universe to our knowledge. Throw in God and you have the cause and effect.

On still closer inspection of Earth, we are slowly, yet surely breaking our orbit around the sun, and also slowing down our rotation. It happens because of the energy exchange between the two bodies; the sun causes such tidal forces on the Earth that it keeps the core molten, but also is trying to make earth "tide locked," or the same side facing the sun at all times. That is what happened to the moon, for a familiar example.

Anyway, since Earth has been slowing down for some four billion years, it must have been going pretty darn fast when it formed. Winds of over two thousand miles per hour on average, hurricanes reaching three thousand mph—that is not hospitable to life at all. And to be so close to the sun and so hot? We would probably have been where Mercury is now, with temperatures reaching seven hundred degrees Fahrenheit.

With so many holes, can one really take the Big Bang seriously? That all matter in the universe came from nothing (which also violates the Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy, a proven law of nature) is just strange. From personal experience, I can make a good hypothesis as to some of the reactions people would have if confronted about their atheistic dogma. Either they will grope for nonexistent straws to disprove or discredit it, or they will simply ignore it.