I'm breathing dreaming white
Mist into my lungs as pure
Electricity sings above my
Head all I want to do is reach
My scratched hands up to
Wrap my fingers and encircle
The energy flashing into my
Body a wave of stimulation and
Horror as death shoots through
Flesh glacial burns sinking in
My bloodstream turning my
Red flow into buzzing power

But I can't reach that high and
Sigh long and deep in my lungs like
It might have helped this hopeless
Being if only to brush death and
Kiss her on the mouth because it's
Not right to do so evermore

So my legs fall from under me and
Weakly I'm running through the
Paved streets of society trying to
Find a way to get away and reach
The silver sliver in my blue sky of
What should be a darkening sunset but
Is nothing more than a daylight
Moonbeam winking at my feeble
Joints pressing breaking with the
Effort of needing to reach her the
Infamous beauty no one has caught
Yet and everyone envies her
Lunar rays painting my face something
More pure than I really am

And just when I think I've grasped
Her dress my feet slip on the wet my
Hair clings to my face framing it
Unbeautiful and I taste the breath of
The Earth singing goodnight
Goodbyes to no one in particular but
Also everything in sight my eyes
Fill with wax like tears while rain
Begins to break my skin the stars have
Died tonight and through the
Pregnant dampened clouds I see

My moon made love to suicide