Dear Diary,

My name is Alica Rasheda Garcia. Just kidding, I have the most boring unexotic name Tiffany Taylor Freeman. My sister Kiara gave me you to write in, I'm only writing in you because Kiara and me used to be really close. Before I changed. Before I stopped talking. Before I felt that I should cut my self off from the world. I'd rather not write about why I decided to become mute, Febuary 23rd but I will say I honestly thought it out long and hard.

Everyday I dread more and more why I decided to keep my mouth shut. and then I remember. in the back of my mind. I remember. The one thing I hate the most is the fact that if I ever do talk again I think Kiara will hate me. call me stupid. be mean to me like regular older sisters. For some reason I think she is okay with me not talking but when I do start talking she'll wonder why I shut her off with the rest of the world. she'll want to leave me like all the others. she'll yell and scream at me proabably. and at the end of the day she'll realize I didn't talk to her and she can't change that. me and her will loose that magic we had. I called her my sister. Not because I know we are but, because something sisterly was or is there. I'm not sure which is right and which is wrong.

The Confused ?? ((A.K.A unTalking Tiffany Taylor))

A/N- I think I rushed into the fact that she was mute a bit too fast, also I think I stated to many times that she was mute. Please R&R and comment,.Monicurl