Without you...

It's been so long,
And yet I can't forget you,
I want to go on,
But I just can't live without you.

I thought by now
I would've moved on,
I thought by now
Memories of you would be long gone.

But oh, how I was mistaken.

Memories of you
Torture me night and day,
I want to forget you,
But I just can't find a way.

I want to forget you so badly,
I just can't live this way,
Seeing you happy with another,
The pain...oh I cannot say.

I try to act indifferent,
I pretend to not care,
But you're so hard to avoid
When you're...right there.

Oh what do I do now,
How will my heart beat,
How can I forget you,
Without you I'm incomplete.

I was told that time was the key,
Overtime your heart will heal,
But through experience I beg to differ,
That philosophy is so unreal.

I wonder if I need more time,
Maybe I'm too eager to move on,
But somehow I know that's not the case,
Because you are now long gone.

I try to repeat to myself,
Time is the key, Time is the key,
But the more I try to console myself
With a very flawed philosophy,
I can't help but notice
That my heart still wants you,
And that's how it'll always be.

Because love isn't wavered
By time, place, age, or any finite thing,
Because love can't be measured
With the human understanding.

Love isn't something
That words can explain,
The sensational lilt in your heart,
Joy that your heart can't contain.

Walking on clouds,
Flying sky-high,
Warm fuzzy bubbles,
Clasped hands of you and I.

But those limited words can't explain
The true meaning of love,
They can't explain how I feel,
Maybe a just a fraction of.

It's so hard living without you,
Living outside the security of your arms.
Walking alone on the sandy seashores,
Loving your faults...and your charms.

But now...
I think I can move on.
Because I believe love is letting go,
Not trying to hold on.

Because a bird has wings
Because it needs to fly,
And in the same way I have to let you go,
And be willing to say goodbye.

It won't be the same without you,
Without you by my side,
But I think I can move on now,
I can finally say goodbye...