New York City

Apartment Building

The Tavern

Second Floor

"YOU THINK I WOULDN"T KNOW HOW DARE YOU" A loud voice screamed and then the sound of a person being thrown into furniture was herd form the open window.

"I can't take this anymore" an old woman dressed in grungy clothes and matted white hair thought. Her name was Lilly Morris she was known as Lil on the streets she didn't ask to be homeless she chose to be homeless, she made more money then she knew what to do with, Lil chose to live on the street even though she had all this money there was another reason too there was Brian.

Lil was in her younger years when Brian's family moved into the Tavern Brian's father a discharged solider had more problems then when he was in the army, his mother left when Brian was eight. It was at this time that Brian met Lil they formed a friendship mostly just talked Brian would bring Lil meals without a doubt he was a kind person after all the beatings he took the next day he came out with a smile on his face always.

Lil couldn't take it anymore she had to do something for Brian he deserved better he was smart and going places, Lil wasn't going to let Brian give up he has so much potential she thought as she reached into her things for a battered 80's cell phone she called a friend to set up her plan.

Magnet High School

New York

Brian once again limped to school his body covered with burses looks of sympathy came from teachers and Brian's friends they knew, they reported but every time Brian went back to his father. It was an uneventful day until Brian was called to the principal's office.

In Principal's Office

"Brian this is Mr. Allen Roser and he has some business to discuss with you" the principal said getting up and leaving the office.

"Brian do you know a Lilly Morris" asked Allen

"Yes I just call her Lil" Brian said "What's this about" Brian asked

"I'll show you" Allen said taking out a portable DVD player

"Brian if your getting this message then its time for us to part ways but before I do I want to give you a gift, and" yes don't I look good Lil said pointing to herself she was clean in new clothes, a haircut , and makeup on she looked lovely now back on topic I've made arrangements for you to be emancipated and a gift for you of five million dollars use it well leave this place change your name start over be strong for me and don't take your bumble fuck of a father with you" she said as the DVD stopped.

"Is this a joke" Brian asked

"No is not here's the paperwork just sign you get the money and I'll help you start a new life" Allen said.

"Well here's to a new life" Brian said signing the papers.

See what happens next chapter